Servitude #232

New:   Servitude #232

This beautiful baby blue satin nightgown/robe set was slave-paid, of course. And no, he doesn’t have a satin fetish, he has a give-Mistress-whatever-SHE-wants-fetish. First I show off the lingerie and then I get down to business. (Yeah, not *that* kind of business. Not sorry). I talk to MY slaves about accomplishing their recent goal and the pleasure today will bring for them. And then I talk about Female Privilege. Do I LOOK like the kind of Woman who says “Whoa is Me! I was born a Female, life is SO hard”??  Hell NO!  lol  My motto has always been “Life is what you MAKE it”. And while we are on the topic, I feel it’s important to mention a significant male dis-advantage. SPOILER:  your hand is on it right now.  😉