No clips this week, unfortunately. 😕  Been busy cleaning and moving stuff because I have painters in My house for the next few days. It will be SO nice to have this done! ☺️

I don’t watch the news, try to avoid it. I actually prefer YouTube clips where there is a bit of freedom for people to give their views on “things” (lol). While I don’t agree with or watch every thing these YouTubers produce, I have found some of their content interesting and I want to pass them along.

(Took them long enough!!  lol  you really want to tell Me something cooked up in a lab is superior to what My OWN BODY DOES??!!  HAHAHAHAHA!)

What?? We are actually having discussions about things and not just crying “THE SKY IS FALLING”??  lol  Are you sure that’s allowed? 🤔 🤭

And are you really telling Me NO ONE has had an adverse reaction to vaccinations?? (Of course they have! And I know one person who got a rash all over their body and had to spend 4 days in the hospital after their first Johnson & Johnson shot.)  “THEY” don’t want you to know stuff like that because that would mean full transparency and “they” aren’t really into stuff like that.  lol  So obviously it’s just LIES and “COVID MISINFORMATION”!!  🤣 🤣 🤣  Have you noticed that?? That ANYTHING that goes against the narrative (“GET THE SHOT”) is labeled as “misinformation”. I have to laugh because it’s soooooo fucking ridiculous at this point.

Let’s see a show of hands of who wants an authoritarian government??? Yeah, that’s I thought. 😉

From your favorite, happy, healthy and happily UNVACCINATED Mistress! 😘