The Pervert Trap

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268-The-Pervert-TrapI know what your doing. Did you think I was going to just coyly pretend that I’m not aware you are looking up My dress? No way! I love setting perverts like you up. you think you are going to get a cheap thrill peeking at My panties and then you’re BUSTED! See, I like to get dressed up like this and go to local parks with a book and pretend to read. My skirt will ride up My legs a little and I’ll part My knees just enough to give a glimpse of My pantied crotch. And then I’ll wait. I never have to wait long until I CATCH one. Just like I caught you! Oh I’ll let you stare at My pretty underwear, but not out of the kindness of My heart….you are just another sucker who fell into My trap!