MJA15: Romantic Dress

Only available in My Loyalfans store

Years ago, back when I had My paysite, I would do videos outdoors once in a while. This is one of them. I’m wearing a lovely vintage dress from the 1970’s. It’s long and flowing and very feminine! I actually talk to you in this video!  lol  (My very first videos I didn’t speak). I ask you if you’d like to see what I’m wearing underneath the dress. Of course I know the answer to that! So I slowly lift up my skirt to reveal my silky & lacy Olga half slip. And then I lift up my half slip to reveal my lace trimmed tap panties as well! So much pretty lace!! I tell you that I’m wearing a silky camisole and I might show it to you. I take a little walk over to a semi-secluded area and I unzip my dress and take it off. Revealing to you my lovely lingerie underneath!