Stroke and Stop 1

New:   Stroke and Stop 1

Stroke and Stop….pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? you will stroke when I say, how I say and for as fast as I say and you will only stop when I say. If you can get through everything I tell you, then you’ll be rewarded with an orgasm at the end. But you better be ready to cum when I say because there’s a catch……

Cock Toy

New:  Cock Toy

It belongs to Me. I took control of it when you became My slave. your cock is My cock, My toy which I hold the remote to. you’ll stroke as I say, cum as I say or not cum at all. I feel MY toy needs some more training and that’s exactly what I give it today. Show Me how bad you want to cum for Me today. Can you do what I tell you to without stopping or slowing down?

Making you want It

New (long ass!!  lol) clip:  Making you want It

As a part of your cock control training, you’ll need to learn endurance. And you’ll most definitely be put to the test today in this 24 minute clip! I will be allowing you an orgasm but not until the very end and I expect you to last all the way through. I want you to REALLY want that orgasm, to feel like you just can’t hold out any longer, and to feel such an incredible sense of pleasure and relief when I finally count you down to cum. But the question is: can you make it all the way to the end?

Less than 24 hours later:

I guess you really wanted it! 😉

Warm and Wet JOI Task

New clip:  Warm and Wet JOI Task

I have a 2 day stroking task for you, but if you do it wrong, it will be longer than that. I’m going to tell you exactly how to stroke and when you can cum. If you don’t cum when I allow it, you won’t be cumming for the next 24 hours and you’ll have to try it again and again until you get it right. If you do cum the first time around, I have a more challenging version you will do the next day. How well can you control your orgasms? And will you be able to cum in the short time I allow? Buy it, try it!