Cock Controlled

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416-Cock-ControlledControl the cock, control the man. your cock is just a toy, something I use to control you with and control it. Far too many men have a problem with chronic masturbation. And I just won’t have that if you are serving Me. Do you even remember the last time you went a day without an orgasm? That’s what I thought…which only proves My point.  When you serve Me, I dictate your stroking and orgasms but that’s not all. you need to learn total cock control with cocktease training, edging, orgasm denial, chastity and more. I will push you further and further and have you doing things you never thought you’d do. And the only words that will escape your lips are  “Yes, Mistress”.

Less than 24 hours later and this clip is already #1 in the Femdom POV category:

CC-no1The first Femdom POV clip I shot, Lose Control, also made it to #1. you know I love to see that!  😉