Aching for More

New:   Aching for More

As much as you enjoy My other clips, it’s these ‘special’ clips that you long for. They feel so much more intimate than all the rest and they are. These sensual glimpses I share with you just make you ache for More, of Me.  (The preview image is censored, the video is not.)

(More of these types of clips.)

Mistress Worship

New clip:   Mistress Worship

499-mistress-worshipThe female form is a thing of beauty. Something to be worshiped and adored. And I take very good care of MY female form. I love to dress up in beautiful lingerie that enticingly shows off all of My curves. But My silky smooth pale skin is just as divine (more so!) as the silks, satins and lace I adorn My body with. On rare occasion, when I’m in the mood, I allow you to gaze at a bit more of Me than I normally do. For a price, of course. And this is one of those times. This is a very hot clip….erotic and sensual and most certainly…. explosive. (Similar to My Sizzling Sensuality clip).

(The vintage lingerie was paid for by perv a while ago with an ebay giftcard, so he probably doesn’t remember!  lol)