Extended Edging

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225-Extended-EdgingAre you ready? Because I have another task for you as apart of your ongoing cock training. If you purchased My 3 Day Orgasm Control video, you are already familiar with EDGING. (If you didn’t buy it–go buy it NOW!) In this clip, I have 10 separate goals for you to hit with your edge training and I give you a few helpful tips to make it easier to reach them. I guess you could kind of think of this assignment as endurance training for your cock. Will you be able to do it? Can you really control that cock of yours? Let’s find out…..

3 Day Orgasm Control

Time for another lesson in cock control. Are you ready?

3 Day Orgasm Control

209-3-Day-Orgasm-ControlI have a little assignment for you for the next three days. You are going to work on controlling your orgasms with a little edge training. Do you know what that is? You are going to stroke, and get yourself to the bring of orgasm, and then….you’re gonna stop. You’re going to stop stroking and you’re not going to cum. Seems a bit torturous, doesn’t it? To get you so close to pleasure and then deny you a release. But it’s only three days, I think you can do three days. It’s not going to be easy. But if you follow all of My instructions, I’ll actually let you cum on the third day. And when you do, you’ll thank Me for denying you… If you like masturbation instruction, make sure to check out My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and My 10 Day Masturbation Control clips.