Face Standing in Heels

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293-Face-Standing-in-HeelsThis clip is from 2006 and shot in standard definition (640×480). I’m wearing a pair of very sexy, black strappy high heeled sandals. I’m wearing an ankle bracelet and My toenails are painted a yummy cherry red. I start out standing on the side of trampleguy’s face with My FULL BODY weight and at times I stand on just one foot. I turn around so My toes are facing the camera and then I dig My heels into the side of his face. I turned his face away from the camera and did some more face standing until he used his safeword (‘Uncle’ –hahaha). I made him suck on My heel a few times and kiss the bottom of My heels. Then I stood on the top of his face and towards the end, I finished with one heel on his throat and one on his face. Lucky guy!

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Head Crushing and Heel Scraping

Posted in My Clips store today:  Head Crushing and Heel Scraping

241-Head-Crushing-and-Heel-ScrapingThis is one of My older trample clips from 2006, but still amazing today. I love showing off My sadistic ways with My rug, trampleguy.  🙂 As you can see from the preview, I’m wearing a gorgeous pair of turquoise, strappy high heeled sandals. My toes are polished a delicious red and I’m also wearing an ankle bracelet. I stand on trampleguy’s face using My full body weight, then do a few jumps and run in place (on his face!  haha). I twist My shoes back and forth, stand on one leg and jump. I dig My high heels right into his face, smash down his nose and lips. I like to leave My MARKS, so I swing My high heeled foot back and forth while scraping trampleguy’s flesh. Shot from a few different angles for a little variety and yes, you can see all of the lovely marks I leave!  My feet look SOOOO yummy in this clip!  Buy it, watch it and dream of being the little pain slut under My beautiful high heeled feet!

Face Bouncing

NEW in My clips store today:  Face Bouncing

224-Face-BouncingOne of My older clips from 2008 and was shot in Standard Definition (640×480). Originally intended for a foot fetish site I never got around to doing. In this clip, I stand, jump and bounce on trampleguy’s face with My bare feet and full body weight. I do this on each side of his face and then on the top of his face as well.

Face Standing in Fetish Heels…

you know where and when….

This clip is from 2008 and shot in standard definition (640×480). I’m wearing a pair of wickedly HIGH 6 inch heeled fetish shoes in this clip. I stand on the side and front of trampleguy’s face with My full body weight. I even do a few jumps on his face in the heels. Towards the end of the clip there is an up close view of My polished toenails.