MJA8: Under My Skirt

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

My first ever outdoor video (which is extremely rare as I prefer to do clips indoors). This clip starts with Me sitting in My car with the door open and a nice view of My stocking legs. Then I bent over to get something out of the car and hike up the hem of my skirt so you can see my pretty chiffon & lace trimmed petticoat and then my panties, garters and stockings. Next I squat down to check my tire, with my knees apart, and you can see right up my skirt to my shiny panties. After that I’m sitting on a park bench adjusting my stocking tops and garters, but only briefly. Soon I’m climbing up the playground equipment and you get to look straight up my skirt as I do. An upskirt and panty peek video fantasy.