Day 2 of Chastity

NEW CLIP:   Day 2 of Chastity

245-Day-2-of-ChastityHow have you been these past 24 hours? Getting use to being locked up yet? I decided to wear My sexy black leather thigh boots and tiny leather booty shorts. It’s not enough that I have your cock locked up, I have to make sure that you SUFFER as well. So of course I am going to teasing and tormenting you throughout your 30 days of chastity. It’s so much fun for ME to know that you CAN’T stroke and you CAN’T cum and that even getting an hard-on is painful. I fucking LOVE that. Just think, after today, you only have to endure 28 more days in the cock cage. But I will be making sure that it’s a very LONG 28 days……. (The journey starts here: Day 1 of Chastity)