Heels can Hurt

Don’t you know that I love that….. Heels can Hurt

372-Heels-can-HurtThis was a clip I shot in 2008 for a foot fetish site I was going to do, but never got around to. It’s shot in Standard Definition (640×480). I’m wearing a pair of very sexy strappy high heel sandals as I walk all over trampleguy’s back. I do jumps, heel digs, run in place and scrap My heels along his flesh. I love leaving My mark! I mean MARKS-plural!  At one point trampleguy had the balls to ask “is that all you got?”  I replied “What’s that?” as I DUG My heels into his back!  AHAHAHA Obviously he had to pay for such a stupid question!  ALL men are rugs….it’s just that some know their place and some don’t.

Back Trample 2

In My Clips store…. Back Trample 2

193-Back-Trample-2This is probably one of My very first trample clips that I shot, back in 2005, for My first Clips4Sale store (all trample related). I start out the clip bare foot, standing on trampleguy’s back. My toenails are polished red and I’m wearing a couple of toe rings. I do a few jumps and running in place on his back before I decide stand on his head with full body weight. I put one of My feet by his mouth and allow him to lick My toes. Next I slip on a pair of clear Lucite high heels and make trampleguy kiss My shoes and feet before I get back on his back. I do a bit more jumping on his back in the heels and then dig one of them into his flesh. I finish the clip by having him lick one of My heels.

Seamed Stocking Trample

In My clips store….. Seamed Stocking Trample

121-Seamed-Stocking-TrampleI haven’t reposted any of My old trample clips, so I figured it was about time. This one is from 2006 and shot in 640×480 standard definition. In this clip, I’m wearing a pair of black Fully Fashioned stockings (seamed) and a very sexy pair of D’Orsay pumps. I started out with a couple of jumps and then moved on to doing throat stands in just my nylon feet. Next I did some face standing on the side of trampleguy’s face and some jumping too! (you can even see my polished toenails through the stockings!) There’s a little bit of nylon toe sucking, as well as eye gouging, some more throat standing, and face standing. After a camera angle change, you get to see more of My legs, stockings and high heels. I dig My heels into one of his nipples and do a few jumps on his chest. The I jump up (from the ground) onto his face! (nylon feet only! lol) Going through this clip, it’s mostly face standing and jumping, more close-up views than full slips and lots of stocking FEET.