Cum Quick

NEW in My Clips store today:   Cum Quick

240-Cum-QuickStart stroking! Because today, you are going to cum QUICK, or you’re not going to cum at all. And while you’re stroking, you are going to be staring at My nice round ass. you are not going to know when I decide to stop, and when I do, if you haven’t cum, you aren’t going to get to today. you know I don’t like to let you cum, I much rather you SUFFER for Me. But today I’m being rather generous. After you see My sexy little panty clad ass in your face, I somehow don’t think cumming QUICK will be a problem….

Bewitching in Baby Blue

NEW clip in My store: Bewitching in Baby Blue

239-Bewitching-in-Baby-BlueI’ve already got you under My spell and you can’t get enough. I am the queen of erotic lingerie tease and you love to watch Me in all the pretty things I’m always dressing up in. The way I move, the things I say and the way I look at you….all of this affects you like no other ever has. Such seduction and sensuality just naturally oozes from Me. I know exactly what I do to you and you will just keep coming back for more…..

Shot some new videos today….

Here’s a sneaky-peeky at tomorrow’s video clip…

teaser-pic1teaser-pic2This vintage robe/nightgown set is one of the many items I recently bought on My little ebay shopping spree (My favorite place for online vintage clothing shopping….Etsy is a close second!).

Oh dirtylittlepervert….you funded all of My shopping. Good job!!

This set was actually brand new/never worn and it still had the tags attached. Which is a little rare for vintage items.

JCP-tag1JCP-tag2I shot this sexy selfie after I finished the video shoot…


Jewel Seam Stockings

Posted in My clips store today:  Jewel Seam Stockings

238-Jewel-Seam-StockingsThis clip was originally shot for My lingerie site back in 2012. In addition to vintage lingerie, I also collect rare and unique styles of vintage stockings. This video starts out with Me opening up the stocking box and showing you the fancy nylons unworn and the jewels up the back seams. Keep in mind, these stockings are probably 50-60 years old, so a real treat to see such an item today! Next you see Me in a full length view with the stockings on and I’m also wearing a beautiful sheer peignoir set. I soon remove the robe and then the focus is on My stocking clad legs and nylon feet and soles. As you can tell from the title and preview image, there are little rhinestones all up the back seam of these vintage Full Fashioned nylons. I show you different up close views of them, including a nice view of My stocking tops and garter straps. The video ends with Me sliding one of the stockings down My leg. A classic stocking/leg tease clip!

Note: This is Bonus Video #76 and it has NOT (as of this blog post) been reposted one final time to My members area. Check My updates page to see when it will be posted OR buy the video directly from My Clips4Sale store.

Latest spoilings….

GloveJim sent Me a $75.00 Sephora gift card out of the blue:

75.00-Sephora-GJAnd My dirtylittlepervert has been so good lately by funding My ebay shopping sprees for vintage lingerie! In total, I milked $500 out of him recently in ebay gift cards!! Here’s the most recent one:

100-ebay-RNI’ll mention all of the great vintage items on My blog as I wear them. I bought mostly nightgowns, robes and nightgown/robe sets as that’s what I’m into lately.

I received a random $50 tribute on Niteflirt from some guy in Finland:

50.00-FinlandOink? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And the professor purchased another purse for ME!

MK-handbag-note-fromCNMK-handbag-fromCNI LOOVVEEE the handbag and gift wrap and little notes are always nice touches!  ;-)

As usual, My life is peaches and cream. The Autumn foliage is so pretty and we’ve been having a few nice days still. In fact, Tuesday it was 70 degrees, sunny and perfect! I went out golfing with My boyfriend (first time all year) and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Yesterday I went out for Afternoon Tea with a bunch of girlfriends and again, another beautiful day. In the evening, My boyfriend grilled and we had a bonfire in the back yard. It was a clear evening and the stars were out and it was so nice.

As much as I adore My good boys spoiling the Me, I take a lot of pleasure in the simpler things in life.

My Satin Enchantment video is currently #1 in the Glove Fetish category:

Satin-Enchant-no1Hardly surprising… ;-)

Dangerous Heels

Posted in My clips store today:  Dangerous Heels

237-Dangerous-HeelsThese black leather, 5 and 1/2 inch metal heeled mules are wickedly dangerous. The peep toe shows off My polished toenails and My high arches. I model the heels before dropping a piece of Styrofoam on the floor to pierce with My heels. Granted, I rather sink My heels into male FLESH (and have)! In this clip you’ll watch as I dig My heels into the Styrofoam over and over again and at one point, both of My heels are ‘stuck’. This clip is from 2008 (back when I thought I was going to do a foot fetish site) and is shot in Standard Definition (640×480).

Elegant Tease

This older bonus video, from My lingerie paysite, was posted to My Clips4Sale store today:

Elegant Tease

236-Elegant-TeaseIf you love legs in Fully Fashioned stockings, you are going to love this clip. I am wearing an elegant fitted skirt suit with black seamed stockings, heels and black satin gloves. I walk up and down the stairs, show off the back of My seamed nylons and cross and uncross My legs. As I’m sitting on the stairs, you can see right down My top at My ample cleavage. I hike up My skirt to reveal My white lacy half slip (which you see peeking out at other times in the video) and to show you My 8 garter straps on My garter belt. And you also get a nice view of My shiny white nylon panties. While I was shooting this video, I ended up getting a run in one of My stockings! I wasn’t happy about it and decided there was only one thing to do…….destroy them! So towards the end of the video, I slipped off My black satin gloves and used My finger nails to puncture a hole into My stocking and RIP them to shreds. (This clip was shot back in 2012)

This Bonus video is currently posted in My members area one final time and will be removed on October 22nd, 2014 forever!

Silky Panty Tease

My newest panty video is now in My store:  Silky Panty Tease

235-Silky-Panty-TeaseI bet you think the skimpier the panties, the better. Right? Well, I disagree with that. I believe there is a lot to be said for classic lingerie styles and I’m going to change your mind with this pair of vintage nylon panties I’m wearing. So silky and enticing. you don’t see women wearing stuff like this anymore, usually it’s thongs. But by the end of this video, you will see the erotic allure of such items. As much as you love to see Me wearing such pretty things, there’s something you like to do even better. I know you so well, pantyboy!

MORE of My panty clips here:

Satin Enchantment

My newest satin clip:  Satin Enchantment

234-Satin-EnchantmentI know how much you love satin and I know how much you love seeing ME in satin. And I enjoy tempting and teasing you in My satin outfits. Nothing makes you weaker than seeing a beautiful woman dressed in satin clothing. And I have so many satin outfits and lingerie and gloves to entice you with. This video is just another one of My glamourous, sensual satin clips where I talk to you about satin and tell you what you are going to do before My next satin video…… (More of My satin videos here: and here:

Day 1 of Chastity

Mmmmmm…one of My favorite fetishes:  Day 1 of Chastity

233-Day-1-of-ChastityThis is where it all begins. This is something we have talked about for quite some time and now, it’s finally going to happen. Today. Right here, right now. I can sense your nervousness, your doubt. This is something you’ve fantasied about for so long that it’s hard to believe it going to become a reality. And now you are wondering if you will be able to go through with it. Enforced chastity is something you SHOULD be nervous about. For the next 30 days, you will be locked in a cock cage and it will change your life. Your freedom….dangles on a silver chain between My breasts. The keys. It’s too late to back out now. I’ve given you plenty of time to think about it. Now undress. It’s time I lock up your cock….which now belongs to ME!