Calves in Seamed Stockings

Calves in Seamed Stockings

94-Calves-in-Seamed-StockingsI workout pretty much every day and I’ve developed some shapely calf muscles. I love wearing seamed stockings and high heels as I think they compliment My sexy gams. Watch Me as I go up on my tip toes in My high heels and then in My stocking feet. I also squat down whilst on standing on My toes to show the definition of My strong calf muscles better. Great video for those who have a thing for calves, Fully Fashioned stockings (seamed stockings), nylon legs, feet, soles and toes, strappy high heels and legs!

Cock Jump Trample

Cock Jump Trample

89-Cock-Jump-TrampleAnother clip from 2008 and in 640×480 format. I hadn’t watched this clip in years, but I watched it again tonight and OH MY GOD, I forgot how crazy brutal it is!! It’s amazing trampleguy wasn’t permanently damaged from some of the extreme stuff we did to his cock!! lol In this clip, I JUMP and STOMP on his cock and balls in very sexy leopard print high heels with gold metal heels. Like all of My cock crush, abuse, and trample clips, the AUDIO is great! LISTEN to Me laugh as trampleguy is moaning in pain. One of my favorite parts of this clip is when I gave him a little break for a few seconds. His hand went up to rub his sore cock and, totally taking him by surprise, I slammed My foot down HARD on his hand and cock—causing him even more pain! HAHAHAHA (FYI–ignore the “Classy Foot Tease” at the end of the video. At one point I thought I was going to do a foot fetish website and I had that domain for a couple of years.)

Full Slip and Full Fashioned Stockings

In My clips store….  Full Slip and Full Fashioned Stockings

84-Full-Slip-and-Full-Fashioned-StockingsAnother one of My vintage Full slips, this time worn with a white half slip underneath and Full Fashioned stockings. FULL SLIP — SLIP FETISH — VINTAGE LINGERIE — STOCKING LEGS — HIGH HEELS — PANTY PEEK — FF NYLONS — DOWNBLOUSE — STOCKING TOPS AND GARTERS

Clear Plate Cock Crush

In My Clips store…..  Clear Plate Cock Crush

83-Clear-Plate-Cock-CrushThis clip is from 2008 and it’s shot in Standard Definition (640×480) but who cares because it’s an AMAZING clip! The thing that you can’t gleen from the little preview image is how INTENSE the pain is I’m inflicted on him and his yells/screams/moans/whatever. tramplguy’s cock is under a clear plate and I step on the plate, first with My bare feet and then with My feet in dainty white slingback pumps (Check out My painted tootsies peeking out of the peep-toes!). I step on the plate (with his cock under) with one foot, then I put all my weight on that foot, then I do it with two feet. But, Me being Me, and trample guy being the TOTAL pain puppy that he is, I had to push it further. So I STOMPED on the plate and even did some mini jumps–with all My body weight!! OUUUUCCCHHH!!! HAHAHAHAHA COCK CRUSH — COCK STOMPING –COCK TRAMPLE –CBT –HIGH HEELS — BARE FEET — PAINTED TOE NAILS –SLINGBACK HEELS — CRUEL COCK T0RTURE

Sexy Stroll

In My clips store….  Sexy Stroll

184-Sexy-StrollA classic outdoors stocking video from 2005! The quality isn’t as good as My clips now, it was shot in standard definition-640×480. This video was shot on one of My visits to England. It starts out in the car park of a local shopping mall, and you can see other people walking past. The focus is greatly on My stocking clad legs and the oh-so-sexy seams up the back. you are behind Me for a good portion of the video, watching Me walk. I tried to lift up the hem of My skirt a few times but I kept getting interrupted! I did eventually;y lift up My skirt to flash My panties while I was standing on the overpass and I know I made one motorists day! lol I also sat down on the bench and gave you a peek up My skirt at My panties while I was adjusting My garter straps. (Or suspender straps….depends what side of the pond you are on!) FULLY FASHIONED STOCKINGS–BLACK PATENT HEELS–TIGHT SKIRT–VISIBLE PANTY LINES–GARTER STRAPS SHOWING THROUGH SKIRT–LACY SLIP–SKIRT LIFTING–FLASHING–UPSKIRT–PANTY PEEKS

Satin Gloves in the Mirror

NEW in My clips store today:  Satin Gloves in the Mirror

219-Satin-Gloves-in-the-MirrorI’m wearing yet another pair of long satin gloves, this time in orange. I have so many colors in My satin glove collection. If you have a fetish for long, shiny satin gloves then I am your satin gloved Mistress! I show them off in such a perfect sensual, seductive and glamourous way. I know you’d love to touch them, rub them, stroke My satin gloved arms and hands. Indulge your fetish….

My last satin glove video, Neon Green Satin Gloves, finally made it to the number one spot in the Glove Fetish category for a few days:

neongreen-no1As did My Stocking Leg Worship clip:

stockingworship-no1That’s what I like to see. Well, that and  $$$$$   :-)

Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

Required for all sissy sluts:  Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

181-Sissy-Task-9-Cum-EatingThis is something EVERY sissy bitch should excel at: CUM EATING! It’s right up there with cock sucking and taking it up your tight little sissy ass. I’m going to tell you show to accomplish this little task in this clip. This is something you’ll be doing every time you blow your wad. I will condition you to be the cum craving slut you always dreamed of! Which you’ll need to do when you are swallowing massive loads from random men on the street!