quick gift post!

Bedtime after this….

So….some prezzies have arrived recently and I took some pics…

Jan-gifts-1The big box underneath is My new ring light (see below) from GloveJim, the guinea pig calender (eeekkkkk!!! SO happy! I LOVE guinea pigs!!  lol) is from My dirtylittlepervert and the rest of the gifts are from thenewguy, who has yet to receive a name.

I guess he’s spent $882.24 (I had him add it up) on clips, tributes and Amazon gifts in the past few days. LOOVVEE it!  :-) He had the gifts gift wrapped with little notes attached and this one got him bonus points:

TEA-lyricsI LOVE Sting and the Police, so obviously, a reference to lyrics from one of their songs is going to put a smile on My face!

Here’s the ringlight from GloveJim, a Christmas present off of My wishlist:

Jan-gifts-2Over the years I have used lights in reflector dishes, umbrellas and softboxes and since I’m continuously on a quest for the perfect lighting….I really wanted to try the ringlight! Can’t wait to play around with it!

Prezzies opened..

Jan-gifts-3Tops fit perfectly and I just used one of the polishes this evening on My toes and fingernails.

Shot this after I shot My recent Financial Seduction clip, but it looks BLUE instead of purple…

purple-lacy-lingerie-which-looks-blueThat clip has been rapidly moving up the Top Clips list in the Financial Domination category ever since I posted it this morning! It’s currently at number 4 and My Indulge clip is still number ONE!

FS-climbingMy Sexy Legs and Ass Tease made it to number ONE in the Garters and Stockings category. haha I knew you boys would like that clip!

SexyLegs-no1Dreamland is calling….NITE!

Financial Seduction

Buy it NOW:   Financial Seduction

259-Financial-SeductionI knew you’d be back. I know what to expect from you now. It’s so easy for Me. So easy for Me to get what I want from you. So effortless for you to just click and PAY. you want to pay, you NEED to pay. Watch My sensual moves and listen to My sweetly seductive voice take you even deeper…..

Buy ALL of My Financial Domination clips, then Tribute and $poil!

Sexy Legs and Ass Tease

HOT new clip posted:   Sexy Legs and Ass Tease

258-Sexy-Legs-and-Ass-TeaseI just felt in the mood to tease you with My strong shapely legs and round curvy ass. This clip has sexy high heels, seamed stockings, leg tease, walking in high heels, garter straps and stocking tops, ass tease, panty tease, sheer clothing and is just plain SEXY!

Stroke it to My Socks

My newest clip:   Stroke it to My Socks

257-Stroke-it-to-My-SocksI know your secret….how you have a “thing” for socks and how turned on you get from seeing a woman wearing socks. I know you don’t tell your friends or girlfriend because you don’t want to be known as the weird sock freak guy. Instead, you keep it to yourself and you go online and jerk it to ‘sock porn’. Isn’t that right? Stroking to Socks.

Flashback 2004: Full Fashioned Strip

As I mentioned in THIS blog post, My very first video attempts were short clips and of poor quality. In fact, I didn’t even use a camcorder. My digital camera, at the time, also had a video option on it, so that’s what I used. They didn’t even have sound!  lol

This clip is from August 2004 and was around 32 seconds long. I believe I just finished shooting a photo set and I was stripping off My Full Fashioned stockings…


Happy 2015!!

I am SO looking forward to this year. I’ve said this before, but I’m not someone to make New Years resolutions, I have goals year round!

I’m very pleased how well My recent Financial Domination clip, Indulge, has sold and even more so the EFFECT it’s had.

2and2I’d really like to see it go to number ONE in the FD category….

One new boy purchased up ALL of My findom clips, sent a few tributes AND cleared a bunch of items off of My Amazon wishlist. Very nice! That’s what I like to see. your resolve weakening…..I enjoy it SO much!

I’ve added a few small items to My wishlist, mostly nail polishes…which I WANT!

2014 Recap…..

Twenty fourteen……was incredible! And it all started back in January, when I met “The One”.  Yeah, it sounds like such a cliche, just like ‘soul mates’, but how else do you describe someone who you fit together so perfectly with? I’ve never had this deep of a connection before with a partner. We connect so well on so many levels that I still don’t believe it. To say he makes Me incredibly happy would be an understatement.

I feel like I have reached new levels of happiness and contentment this year and some dreams/wishes I’ve had for a long time have finally come true. Yes, there were a few challenges, there always are, but I think that’s a good thing! I’ve learned and grown from those experiences.

I had a minor health issue earlier in the year that had Me stressed out, but fortunately it’s now gone. I also found out that Suki has a mass on her liver and it may impact her health in the future.

Overall, the good FAR outweighed the bad and I just feel very fortunate for My life and all that I have…health, friends, family and of course, My loyal good boys!  ;-)

I am an optimist and I strongly believe that LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

I am most definitely looking forward to 2015!!!!  :-D

Only a few days away…..

Christmas 2014 has come and gone! I had a nice Christmas Eve and a relaxing Christmas day but really…..Christmas always seems so anti-climatic to Me. I like the festive feeling leading up to it, the decorating, the holiday events/get togethers and of course the food!  haha

Christmas is one of the two most important days to show your devotion to ME, the other of course being MY birthday (February 24th).

Glamour-Mistress-Jessica-satin-corsetMy newest clip, Indulge, is selling really well! Good job boys! I love getting those clip sales emails from Clips4sale!!  :-)

I love the outfit I’m wearing in that video. I hadn’t worn that corset in years, but luckily, My boyfriend had the day off when I shot that and he could help lace Me in it.

tight-satin-corset-12-garter-straps-FF-nylonsAfter I was done shooting the video, I was going to have him help Me out of the corset but he ending up shooting a little video on My iphone first. I might post that to My clips store too….not sure yet. (Arrghhh…I just looked at the video and it’s upside down! :-( )

Back to Clips4Sale, I got this from them…

William-Dean-chocolates-1William-Dean-chocolates-2William Dean artisan chocolates! I had never heard of that company before, but now I’m hooked—the chocolates were AMAZING!

Another important date coming up in 2015 is My trip to Vegas in May. I expect My good boys to foot the bill! That means My plane ticket, hotel, show tickets, anything else. I’ll be rewarding those boys with a few exclusive pics of Me enjoying Myself on My trip!

For Christmas, GloveJim bought Me the ring light off of My wishlist that I wanted. I can’t wait to get it and play around with it!! And then this morning, he sent Me a $425.00 Amazon card for a purple velvet chair/ottoman set that I want…also on My wishlist:

425-amazonUm…..speaking of My wishlist…..I just went to check Amazon to claim this card and get the chair and I noticed that someone went to town on it and bought a bunch of items!  Hmmm….I wonder who it was…..?  ;-)

Oh dirtylittleperv….go buy the 2015 Guinea Pig calender I just added to My wishlist!!  Yes, Guinea Pigs!!  lol  I freakin’ LOVE them! They are the sweetest animals, really! I had some when I was a teenager and I use to dream about having a guinea pig farm one day. Probably not gonna happen….think of all those cages to clean!   I’ll stick with Suki instead:

Green-eyed-monster-2you know, this month marks 20 years that I’ve been online!!  Not My website, just ME in general. It was back in Dec 1994 that I bought My first computer and went on the “World Wide Web” haha!  I started out with AOL (or Assholes Online as it was fondly called) but soon ditched it when I found out they blocked certain websites. I remember friends and family thinking the internet and computers were frivolous and yet now, every single one of them owns a computer!  HA!

I was a bank teller at the time and one of My co-workers was going to school at the U of M and they were using computers in the class she was taking. She told me about how they went ‘online’ and she could talk to someone in another country and it just blew My mind. Think of the potential?! The internet has most definitely changed MY life in so many HUGE ways!  ;-)

Changing topics again (this blog post is all over the place!), I got a RUN In My Secrets in Lace FF nylons that I wore in My you want My Panties/Red Panty Tease/The View from Below videos. I was kinda ticked off about that! :-( Brand new, just took them out of the package. My feet, legs, hands and nails were all smooth, so they didn’t catch on anything and I wasn’t wearing any rings or jewelry. The run started on the bottom of the foot, which is unusual. Anyhow, I checked My stocking stash and that was the only pair I had in that color. So, I want them replenished. dirtylittleperv, get on it! It’s style 9650 Elegance Euro Heel–color GREY–size MEDIUM and have them sent to My PO box.

One final pic, after I removed My corset–you can probably see the lines on My flesh from the boning of the corset, but chances are, you aren’t noticing that!  haha