Peek into my bedroom and see me in my lingerie

Come into my bedroom and have a seat while I put on a little lingerie show for you.

peek-into-my-bedroomDo you like my pink lace bra, sheer robe and pretty floral panties I’m wearing? You can see the outline of my garter belt through my nylon panties. My garter straps are holding up a pair of genuine Fully Fashioned stockings.

Jessica-wearing-floral-panties-pink-bra-sheer-lingerieWould you like a rear view?

lingerie-beauty-in-sheer-robe-pretty-pantiesI’d love to show you more of my beautiful lingerie collection!

Beautiful Vintage Lingerie

I just love picking out and shopping for lingerie to wear for my Mistress Jessica videos. My taste is for vintage lingerie from the 1950′s, 1940′s and 1960′s. But you’ll also find me wearing newer lingerie styles as well. And I have a fantastic collection of vintage stockings to wear with all of my sexy underwear.

Mistress-Jessica-in-a-vanity-fair-nightgownCome watch me posing for you in my gorgeous vintage lingerie at!

Undressing for the Camera…

Although I am used to dressing up for the camera, there are times when I enjoy revealing a bit of myself as well. I find it thrilling to show a little skin here and there. But whenever I do, it’s always a spur of the moment thing and I’m just in the mood to do so. I’ve never done requests for nudity and never will. I also don’t do explicit nudity, as it’s just not my style.

mistress-jessica-undressing-for-the-cameraIt’s extremely rare for me to get completely undressed for the camera, as I find leaving something to the imagination so much more erotic. A member once remarked that my photos reminded him of Christmas everyday, “without the wrappings to conceal the present, there leaves nothing to the imagination”.

I have to say, I agree!  ;-)

Going through my panty drawer in a pink lace bra

These photos are from a lingerie video I shot last year. I started out the video in a pink lace bra and sheer back white panties. I do like how my breasts look in the up close view of my bra.  ;-)

mistress-jessica-pink-lace-braI’m turning my back on you!  ;-)

mistress-jessica-pink-lace-bra-backI went through my panty drawer looking for some panties to model for you and I found a few silky nylon pairs that I thought you might like.

mistress-jessica-going-through-her-panty-drawerCome see me model all types of pretty panties for you!

Pictures of my Painted toe nails from 2003 and 2013

These first three pictures are soooooo old! They are from one of the very first few photo sets that I posted to my site. I painted my toenails a lovely pearly pink color and then I put on some foot jewelry (a toe ring and ankle bracelet). Seeing how tan my legs and bare feet were in these pictures, just makes me long for Summer and warmer temperatures. I can’t wait to break out my sexy strappy high heeled sandals and show off my pedicure.

painting-my-toenails-pinkDo you have a thing for feet?

painting-my-toenails-pink-1If so, do you like bare feet? stocking feet? or feet in sexy high heels?

painting-my-toenails-pink-2I like to keep my toe nails polished year round as I just don’t care for the look of bare toe nails.

And here is a recent picture of my toenails peeking out of a peep-toe high heel. They are currently painted an awesome orange/gold color.


Mistress Jessica wearing a vintage slip, FF stockings and white lingerie VIDEO

I edited a little short little teaser video for you, taken from one of my most recent video updates on my Mistress Jessica site. In the video I’m wearing beautiful vintage lingerie, white FF stockings and gorgeous high heels. In the full length version (which is in high definition), I show you all the pretty items I’m wearing before doing a little striptease for you. All tastefully done, of course!  ;-)

Shooting a new Pantyhose video for

Hi guys!  Hope you had an enjoyable weekend! It’s Monday and that means back to work and oh how I love my ‘work’!  ;-)   Today I’ll be shooting a brand new pantyhose video for my site and will have it posted a little later. You know I prefer my stockings, but some of you just love to see me in pantyhose and hosiery variety is a good thing! I’ll put up some sample screen shots of the video on my UPDATES page once of the video is posted!

Mistress Jessica in White Lingerie and Fully Fashioned Stockings

I just shot a brand new lingerie video today and this photo is a screen shot from that video. I’m really pleased how it turned out!  ;-)

Mistress-Jessica-in-white-lingerie-and-stockingsIn the video I am wearing a sheer vintage robe, a pink full slip, sheer pink panties and all of the white lingerie and Fully Fashioned stockings you see above. I was also wearing a pair of brand new gorgeous high heels that were a gift from a member (thank you Thomas!).

You can check out my newest updates HERE or get a taste of some other videos I offer HERE.

Shooting Lingerie Tease Video clips

Back when I started my site in March 2003, it was strictly a photo site with no videos. Of course I also had dial-up back then and can’t even imagine trying to upload videos on such a slow internet connection now!

I got some requests for videos and eventually, in 2004, I made a few attempts at shooting and posting some short video clips. The videos were small, short and not very good quality  They were also all in QuickTime format and didn’t work for some members because of codec issues. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn.

In 2005, I bought a proper digital video camera and gave it another go. The quality was much better and the videos were well received. Originally I only posted a couple of videos a month, but I was getting so many requests to shoot more.

I will always have an appreciation for well-composed still images, but videos brought my lingerie tease to a whole new level! You could now see my pretty lingerie in motion, you could hear my voice, or the raspy sound of my nylons when I rubbed my legs together. I really enjoyed dreaming up new ideas for my videos and I still do! I feel videos have brought a personal feel to my website that I couldn’t achieve with pictures only.

Back in July of 2011 I decided to stop shooting photo sets for my website and focus solely on making videos. At that same time, I also started producing my lingerie tease videos in HIGH DEFINITION!!  Members had been asking for them for some time, so I was excited to finally be able to give that to them.

You can view screen shots of some of my lingerie videos on my UPDATES page and check out a few sample videos here, here and here.

Elegant Layered Slip Tease

I love getting dolled up in elegant and feminine outfits such as this lady-like pink dress with pearl necklaces. What makes is even more exciting is when I reveal to you my pretty lingerie underneath.

Elegant-layered-slip-teaseI’m not wearing one, but TWO beautiful half slips together. I think layering slips is so erotic, not just for the visuals of the pretty lace hems, but also the feeling of the silky layers rubbing together.

Elegant-layered-slip-tease-1What do you think?  ;-)