12 Garters

Now in My clips store:   12 Garters

273-12-GartersThis clip is 10 years old! Shot in 2005 and in Standard Definition, it’s one of My classic stocking and garter videos. Just like My Sexy Stroll video this was also shot in England. I’m wearing black Full Fashioned stockings, sheer black panties, a 12 strap garter belt, 5 inch high heeled pumps and a sexy black halter dress. Towards the end of the clip I slowly strip off each stocking. (I was getting My hair colored a dark red back then…big change from My natural color!)

Beautiful Bare Feet

New clip:   Beautiful Bare Feet

272-Beautiful-Bare-FeetNothing gets you more aroused than a pair of beautiful bare FEET. Soft wrinkled soles, polished toe nails, and smooth tops of the feet are all things you look for in a sexy pair. What do you like to do with them? Kiss them, lick them, suck on them? I know your biggest foot fantasy. Watch My feet and listen to Me describe it…..

Short update….

Just a few mentions…

My dirtylittlepervert has been shelling out the $$$ to keep Mistress HAPPY. Let’s see…he paid $185 for My hair appt a couple of weeks ago, then a few days later $105 to pay for MY afternoon tea with My girlfriends PLUS a bunch of TEA to stock up My tea cupboard. He bought a couple of items off of My wishlist AND a new curling iron that I wanted. Oh My perv, I do love USING YOU!!!

GloveJim sent another $50 Caribou gift card.

I had a very nice Valentine’s Day with My boyfriend and these chocolates were almost too pretty to eat:

William-Dean-vday-chocolatesLife is good, VERY good!  :-) I have been catching up on some of My reading, getting a lot of stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do for a while and I am impatiently awaiting Spring!

Bra Fetish 2

New clip posted:   Bra Fetish 2

271-Bra-Fetish-2I figured it was time I shot another bra fetish clip. It’s been a few months since my first one, Bra Fetish 1. In this clip, I try on 5 different bras: a lace one, a sheer cup one, an open nipple bra, and two identical sheer bras–in different colors. I also layer a few of the bras, wearing one over the other. I’m pricing this a little higher since there’s a bit of nip on display.

A Hint of Lace

New slip fetish clip posted:  A Hint of Lace

270-A-Hint-of-LaceThat’s all it takes. Just a bit of lace on display and I have your full attention. And I have your attention because you have a SLIP FETISH. Nothing gets you more excited that seeing a women wearing a slip. You know what that is peeking out from the hem of my dress, you know I’m wearing a slip. Is it a half slip? Full Slip?  It’s so rare to see slips these days. Just a hint of lace, makes your heart race, and you crave seeing MORE!

Valentine’s Panty Tease

New clip:  Valentine’s Panty Tease

269-Valentines-Panty-TeaseValentine’s 2015 and just another year that you lonely panty pervs spend alone with your panty collections, panty porn, lotion and tissues. But lucky you, I’m going to tease you today with My sexy red and white panties that I’m wearing. Just looking at the preview is getting you excited, so CLICK-BUY-STROKE!

The Pervert Trap

New upskirt clip posted:  The Pervert Trap

268-The-Pervert-TrapI know what your doing. Did you think I was going to just coyly pretend that I’m not aware you are looking up My dress? No way! I love setting perverts like you up. you think you are going to get a cheap thrill peeking at My panties and then you’re BUSTED! See, I like to get dressed up like this and go to local parks with a book and pretend to read. My skirt will ride up My legs a little and I’ll part My knees just enough to give a glimpse of My pantied crotch. And then I’ll wait. I never have to wait long until I CATCH one. Just like I caught you! Oh I’ll let you stare at My pretty underwear, but not out of the kindness of My heart….you are just another sucker who fell into My trap!

Feb 2015….

Wow! Already into the second month of the new year! January was great! I hit My sales goal and was really pleased about that!

Since this is February, you know what that means……

MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!  :-) Yes, the MOST important day of the year is coming up….February 24th!  SHOP $PEND and SPOIL!!!!

I’ve had a few gifts that I’ve been meaning to post about, the top and nail polishes were from….I’ll call him bingerblaine. The hair oil from My dirtylittlepervert:

gifts-top-polishes-hair-oilThe vanilla tea lights (it’s a box of 24 or so) and chocolate scented (!!!) bath bombs are from My dirtylittlepervert and the red lingerie, from the professor:

gifts-vanilla-tea-candles-bath-bombs-lingerieAnd My Trashy lingerie corset and skirt finally arrived and it is sexy as FUCK!!! :-)

Sexy-Trashy-lingerie-corset-skirt-choker-glovesThat was from the professor as well.

I have received a few small tributes here and there, but nothing spectacular.

A few pics…

you might remember this teddy from My Earn your Orgasm video:

Blue-Metallic-open-cup-teddyI took a few sexy selfies for My boyfriend after I shot that clip and this was one of them (he, of course got the original version).

He gets pictures like this one all the time…

you-are-beneath-meAnd a few of My ridiculous head of hair……I seriously have more hair than any one human should have!!  lol


Golden Goddess

New clip posted:   Golden Goddess

267-Golden-GoddessDay after day, week after week, year after year, you have been worshiping Me for so long. And the the reason being…..that I captivate you like no other. you worship every part of ME from the tips of My toes, to the top of My beautiful mane of hair. Watch Me in My very sexy little gold dress with gloves, high heels, pantyhose and some very daring panties. click-buy-WORSHIP!

Lingerie Heaven

New lingerie clip posted:   Lingerie Heaven

266-Lingerie-HeavenFrom the moment you saw Me, you were enchanted. I have a style all of My own and you were struck by My femininity and the way I look SO GOOD in all of the beautiful lingerie I wear. The silky nightgown I’m wearing shows just enough, but leaves you wanting to see more. I tease you by making you aware of the fact that I’m not wearing panties and then pick out a pair to put on. Then, I slowly and sensually slide them up My legs and around My shapely hips and ass. I know you’ll lose all control when you see that. And that’s exactly what I do to you……