Tossing you a crumb….

Just posted some pics in the private area and will be posting more this evening. Here’s a smaller sized sample:

pvc-pic-for-the-unworthyFor those of you who bought and watched My Servitude #17 clip, just know that I see/notice everything. If you want to be on the next list….you know what you have to do.

I like having an…..inner circle, if you will….of those who have shown their loyalty and devotion to Me. That’s why the majority of My blog posting is now in the private area. Sure you can buy My public clips in My Clips4Sale store and read the public posts in this blog, but there’s more……I like secretive, I like private and I like shutting out those who are unworthy.

Yearning for More

I’ll always leave you…… Yearning for More

506-yearning-for-moreThe lingerie, the tease, the desire to see more, the anticipation, the checking My store, My blog for anything new…..Everything is intentional. I know what I’m doing and I know what I do to you. I’m always feeding this craving of yours and always leaving you wanting, longing, yearning for more of Me…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category:


A couple of quick mentions…

Received a $25.00 Caribou card from My dirtylittleperv. This is in addition to a few other things he got Me recently that were mentioned in the private area.

And I received a $200 tribute from a new guy. Can’t be bothered to do screen shots.

A few other things… guys have been buying up My servitude clips like crazy lately. I LOVE it. Servitude #18 will be posted very soon. I have much more I want to talk about in that series and I’m very pleased you boys are interested in it. Yeah, I know it’s not fantasy, role-play, jerk-off stuff…’s so much BETTER!  😉

Also, it amused Me to see you guys snapping up My newest tease and denial clip. I know I don’t do those very often but I might be doing more of them. It’s especially fun for Me to tease the hell out of those who serve Me. you will see in December how these clips will coincide with the December 2016 Masturbation Schedule.