Lingerie Shopping-you PAY!

Another new Financial Domination clip:   Lingerie Shopping-you PAY!

315-Lingerie-Shopping-you-PAYOne of MY favorite things to do is shop for lingerie and your job is to foot the bill!  I look absolutely radiant and happy in this sexy clip. I’m wearing a hot pink slinky nightgown that is open on the sides and I show it off in a very sensual way. Watch Me, lust after Me, and listen to Me talk about lingerie and what I am going to buy with your money!

Top 50 Clip at Clips4Sale!!

My Pussy Worship clip has been selling like crazy since I posted it a few days ago and it actually made it to the Top 50 Clips on the main page at Clips4Sale!!  It’s at number 44 currently.

PW-top-50-main-pageAlthough I have made it into the Top 50 Clip stores on the main page, I had not had a clip in the Top 50 before. There are THOUSANDS of stores on Clips4Sale, so to make it on the Main Page in either Top Stores or Clips is a nice achievement. I am rather pleased!  :-)


no-42-PWUPDATE: Now #38

PW-no-38UPDATE: Now #36


So Easy

My newest clip:   So Easy

314-So-Easyyou are so easy. you can’t resist Me, I’ve got you under My spell. you HAVE to see Me, watch Me, hear My voice. It’s become a…..need. And so you shall PAY for the privilege, and you do. Using My feminine charms, I know exactly the effect it has on you. Watching My videos over and over, you are only digging yourself in deeper. I know what I’m doing……and it’s so easy.

Cream Nylon Full Slip

My newest video clip:   Cream Nylon Full Slip

313-Cream-Nylon-Full-SlipIt’s 2015 and slips went out of style a long time ago and I couldn’t care less. I love beautiful classic lingerie.  In this clip I’m wearing a cream colored nylon full slip with stockings and high heels. Watch the way I move and the way My hands glide over My nylon curves. you love watching ME in My slips…..

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UPDATE:  #1 in the Slip Fetish category

Cream-no1Numbers 2-6 are also all of My previous slip videos.


Pussy Worship

New clip in My store:  Pussy Worship

312-Pussy-WorshipA pussy is where you came from and you spend your whole life trying to get back inside of one. you know it’s true. The PUSSY is a powerful portal of pleasure. The things men have done just to get inside of one….. I wonder how much of your day is spent fantasizing about it, looking at and jerking off thinking about it. PUSSY is powerful in the way it can consume your thoughts…..

Not even up for 24 hours and it made it to the #1 spot in the Pussy Worship category:


Strong Legs in Pantyhose

New Pantyhose clip:   Strong Legs in Pantyhose

311-Strong-Legs-in-PantyhoseWearing a pair of Wolford Fatal 8 pantyhose, I show off My very strong and SHAPELY legs. The pantyhose are very sheer with a bit of a sheen to them. At first I’m wearing a pair of RED 6 inch high heeled shoes and then change into a pair of animal 5 inch high heeled mules. Worship my beautifully muscular calves, thighs and LEGS!

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