This week…

The professor ordered Me 5 pairs of FF stockings from Secrets in Lace. (@ $29.99 a pair because FF nylons aren’t cheap!)

He also sent a $100 gift rocket:

100-prof-sept-7AND he will be paying for My monthly massages! 😊

And perv ordered Me a new bra and garter belt off of Etsy. He got Me a garter belt from this seller before, the one I wore in My Stocking Tops and Garter Straps clip.

And no, they aren’t buying these things because they want to see Me in them or they have garter/stocking fetishes. They buy them because I want them. They would buy Me Wellies and raincoats if that’s what I wanted!  lol

I’ve already made it clear…

how you can serve Me.

Although My How far will you go? series started out as a game, it actually turned out to be educational, in as far as what I’m into and how to serve Me. Which I’ve continued into My Servitude series. LEARN from it.

Tributes: I told you in My How far will you go? -Part 11 clip MY thoughts about tribute amounts and what they say about you.

I’ve also made it clear that My email address is for those who tribute ONLY and I had to block another email address today from a repeat offender. *sigh*  Why do random guys think I give a shit about them and who they are? It’s SO fucking….weird to Me.

On a more positive note, more SATIN arrived today. A couple of items paid for by Satin Mikey. The items My dirtylittleperv paid for are coming next week.


I’m catching up on a few emails from My good boys and I had to write this…..

I ENJOY interacting with MY good boys because they are GENTLEMEN. It’s like they were brought up RIGHT and to respect women and it’s just a beautiful thing. 😊

And you’d think it would be such an easy thing but in the world of anonymous internet pervs, not so much so.

Another idea….

I want to (and will) do some JOI task audios in the private area. I’m already posting audio clips in there now and enjoy doing it. But they aren’t JOI tasks, yet, as those following My September 2016 Masturbation Schedule know what these next few days are about.  😉   you know, I would shoot more JOI clips, but I also know they are some of the most pirated types of clips. And that’s a bit of a deterrent….unless I price them HIGHER.

PS-I lied ;-)

There are THREE satin robes I am lusting after on ebay.  Hmmm….. I need to step away from the computer and hit the hay. But if I have dreams of satin robes tonight, I will need them in the morning!  lol

One last one for the night….

In addition to pictures, audio files, and short video clips, I’ve also decided that I am going to share some photos from My old lingerie site in the private area. I have fond memories of the MANY photos I shot over the years and some I have little stories to go with them, like behind the scenes details and such. SO many ideas and only ONE Me to make them happen!  😛

There are a couple of….

…guys who bought this clip today:

serve10-no4that will be a few of the ones that will be offered the opportunity to access My Private blog.  One from CA and one from Canada. And maybe one from Germany, but he’s going to have to do a little more. Like……buy ALL of My “How far will you go?” clips. If he did that, then I’d add him to the list.

This clip made it to #1 in the Femdom POV category:


New curling iron arrived.

Good boy perv!

new-curling-iron1So glad to have My smaller barrel curling iron replaced!

Had a massage today, then stopped off at the post office to pick this up and then Ulta was calling My name and I stopped in to get another Tarte palette, lip color and a Tony Moly sheet mask.

new-curling-iron2It was storming early this morning and woke up around 5:30am to the loudest crack of thunder I’ve ever heard in My life! The house shook! A nightlight burnt out and that wasn’t all… did the modem.  🙁  No internet! Comcast is coming tomorrow to fix it. Thank goodness. Been using My phone as a hotspot so I don’t have to go though internet withdrawals.