Instant FAIL.

If, in your first email contact with Me, after tribute of course, you mention your dick or masturbation or cock control….you’ve failed.

“but…but…you talk about cock control in your clips…”

Yes, yes I do. But you are a total stranger to Me and if you start off talking about your dick, I’ve already lost interest.

My LOYAL slaves never talked about their cocks until *I* initiated that conversation. It’s like they just naturally knew better than to be like every other guy.

NEWSFLASH: No one cares about your dick. 👎

Servitude #12

And now…….  Servitude #12

492-Servitude-12The perfect willing victim…..male obedience…completely consuming you……deeper and deeper……fate….sensual control……..pleasure…….MY pleasure….fear….all wrapped up in a visually pretty package. Click, buy, watch and listen….your learning continues…..

(The FF stockings are from the professor, as are the Louboutin heels and the satin robe was paid for by Satin Mikey).

This clip made it to #1 in the Femdom POV category:

serve12-no1Servitude #13 and #10 are also currently in the top 10.


I look SO gorgeous in this new clip! 😍

It will be in My store tonight and maybe….MAYBE, I’ll post a screenshot in this public area before then.

Nylon Panties

Another old clip posted to My clip store:  Nylon Panties

491-Nylon-PantiesI actually start this clip out completely nude! But you only see My hands. 🙂 ….picking My dainty sheer panties and lace bra off the dresser. Next I’m in My bra and panties and picking out some panties from My panty drawer. Then I’m in My walk in closet finding a vintage nightgown to change into. you watch Me take off My bra and put on the nightgown and yes, there is topless nudity. The rest of the clip I put on, take off, talk about and show off a few different pairs of silky, nylon full cut panties (aka GRANNY PANTIES!  lol). There are a few erotic glimpses of nudity when I’m taking off the panties and of course, you pay $$$ for the wondrous opportunity to view them.

(This was Bonus Video #98)

Metal Spiked 6 inch High Heels

Another older clip posted to My clips store:  Metal Spiked 6 inch High Heels

490-Metal-Spiked-6-inch-High-Heels(Shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite.) These red patent 6 inch heels with metal stiletto heels are too ridiculously high to walk in. So in this clip I stand and sit, showing them off along with My black mini skirt and pantyhose covered legs. The last minute of the clip I show you My bare soles and My matching manicure and pedicure (not shown in the preview image).

(This was Bonus Video #84)

To be clear…..

As I’ve said on My contact page (and other blog posts), I am NOT on any other social media. Yes, there are other people out there who may refer to themselves as “Mistress Jessica” and as long as they aren’t using MY photos or linking to MY domain and claiming to be ME, I don’t care.

I don’t need (or want) ‘likes’, comments, feedback, ‘friend’ requests or unnecessary interactions with total strangers.

I’ve had the domains (and later since 2003. And I’ve been posting photos and videos of Myself, since 2003, under the name “Mistress Jessica”. (And yes, Jessica is My REAL name, not a moniker for the internet).

I’ve never done phone sex, been a camgirl, pornstar, escort, stripper, author (there is someone on Amazon who writes books under the same name), etc, etc. I’ve never went by any other name. I’m not a Findom with some secret pornstar past or a Femdom who used to be a camgirl and masturbate for guys on cam.

And you know what? If I was or if I did any of those things, I’d tell you right here, right now.

I did have a lingerie paysite from 2003-2015, but closed it to focus on shooting fetish clips for My Clips4Sale store. (Honestly, I can’t believe people still do paysites in 2016! Hello….siterips anyone? 🙄)

And yeah, back when I ran My lingerie paysite I did do a bit of nudity in some of My photos and videos. But good luck if you are looking for raunchy nudity or ‘toy play’ though (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist!).

Feel free to look in MY closet. Lots of lingerie, no skeletons….