Panty Sale: White Shadowline Full Cut Nylon Brief Panties

Here it is boys! My first pair of full cut panties up for sale. Read MY terms and look at the pics and email Me if interested.

Price: $100.00   SOLD

Payment methods: Gift Rocket or Amazon giftcard

SHIPPING:  I will NOT ship outside of the USA as there is no way for Me to track the package. The panties will be shipped with Delivery Confirmation

White-Shadowline-panties-1These panties were only worn for photo shoots and videos and so probably only for 30-60 minutes each time. THEY DO NOT SMELL, as they have hardly been worn by Me. I looked them over and they are in EXCELLENT CONDITION. They are made by Shadowline, Size 6 and they have pink butterflies embroidered on them. I believe I bought these from Satin Rose Intimates a loooonnnngg time ago and had them embroider them for Me. I thought they stopped offering that service a while ago, but I could be wrong. There is a faint yellow stain in the crotch–lucky you!  ;-)  But again, they do NOT smell.

White-Shadowline-panties-2White-Shadowline-panties-3I wonder how many losers will jerk off to My panty stain….  hahaha

Anyhow, if you are interested in BUYING these, email Me. You will have 24 hours to pay for them or I will offer them to the next interested person.

Should be easy peasy, right?

And just to avoid moronic and annoying questions…..

NO, I will not lower the price.

NO, I will not take pictures of Myself in them–go buy the VIDEO!

NO, I will not wear them more for you.

NO, I will not accept Paypal or any other form of payment.

NO, I will not ship outside of the US just for you.

Get them before they are GONE!  ;-)

you want My panties

Another NEW panty fetish clip:  you want My panties

253-you-want-My-pantiesI’m going through My panty collection and I will be selling all of My full cut nylon brief style panties…one by one. And, I’ll be doing a video for each pair before I sell them. Can you imagine having something that was worn on MY body? Holding My panties in your hand and watching Me wear them at the same time. Teasing you and waving My panty crotch in your face. I know you want them, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to My most intimate parts!

The panties are for sale HERE.

Prezzie Post

Finally getting around to doing this post!

New heels…(Jim, the green ones are the ones I was telling you about and will be paired with gloves for a new clip!)

hot-high-heelsI have the gold ones in Pewter, that you might remember My Sexy Spiked High Heels clip:

143-Sexy-Spiked-High-HeelsSuki was spoiled as well…(she had to be bribed with kitty treats to pose for a picture…)

Spoiled-SukiThere were TEN packages of kitty treats! She may be set for life!  haha

My-beautiful-puddy-catPetit fours and pears:

petit-fours-and-pearsGodiva chocolates and Gilad workout dvd (…put on the calories and then burn them off!  haha)

Godiva-and-GiladVera Wang Princess perfume set and more gorgeous high heels:

Princess-perfume-and-more-heelsPURPLE (!!!) dutch oven and TEA. I’ll be making pot roast this weekend in it!!

The tea I was rather disappointed in the flavor, had a bitter aftertaste and it didn’t even look like tea. Oh well…

dutch-oven-and-teaMy dirtylittlepervert got Me most of the things above and GloveJim got Me a few pairs of heels. Well done boys!  :-)

GloveJim also sent Me another Caribou card before My other one ran out:

50.00-Caribou-Dec-11A random feet pic, just ‘cuz…

dark-nail-polish-feet-and-fingersI have another NEW panty video clip that will be posted on Friday morning. I’ve decided that I am going to finally sell all of My nylon full cut brief style panties. Or, as I call them, My ‘granny panties’.   These panties were ONLY worn for photo and video shoots, so they are hardly worn. I plan on doing a farewell video (haha) for each pair before I sell them on My blog. I will post all of the details in each blog post. So keep your eyes peeled for the first pair, which I plan on having the blog post go up after the video is posted to My store Friday morning!

Red Panty Tease

New PANTY fetish clip:  Red Panty Tease

252-Red-Panty-TeaseLooking up a woman’s skirt is something I thought you would have grown out of by now, but I guess not. Getting a glimpse of the forbidden, something you shouldn’t be looking at still gets you as hard as ever. Since I know you just want to look at My panties, pervert, here…I’ll show them to you. Flimsy, sheer red panties which hug My nice round ass so well. But how much will I let you see of My see through panties?

If you don’t PAY….

….ya can’t PLAY. And you’ll never know what you are missing out on…..

I have a HUGE prezzie post that I need to work on and post soon. And some exciting news for you panty lovers out there. A new clip is coming tomorrow morning and I’m planning on shooting a few more new clips tomorrow as well. Busy, busy, BUSY!

PS–Don’t forget to hit My WISHLIST:

A couple of you have done a great job buying up items on there. I only have 17 items left and I want them cleared! What do I really want??  Hmm….the purple chair/ottoman set and the Trailer Park Boys DVD set!  I saw the movie (by chance) and I didn’t even know there was a TV series. So, SO funny! (Buy it NEW only!)

The View from Below

NEW clip:  The View from Below

251-The-View-from-BelowRight where you belong, underneath ME. I almost look like I am standing right on you from this angle. What a view! Of course you can see right up My slip but the focus is on My legs, seamed stockings and high heels.

I loovvveee this low angle view, but the clip turned out a tiny bit grainy. I used My iphone to shoot this video, not My camcorder, because I’m not able to get it low enough to the ground to capture such views.

Christmas for Mistress


SHOEGASM!!!!!  These *just* arrived about 20 minutes ago via Fedex. These were from a seller in the UK and damn they got here fast!!

hot-as-hell-heels-1And of course, pictures do NOT do them justice. When you see them in an upcoming video, I know you’ll be drooling! They are Zexy! ;-)

hot-as-hell-heels-2I LOOOVVEEE that they have HIGH heels to go with the platform, so I still get that nice arch to My foot! For example, sometimes a 5 inch heel will have a 1.5 inch platform. Well….then you only have a 3.5 inch incline. My preferred heel height is 4.5-5 inches with NO platform. So if a heel is going to have a platform, it needs to preserve that incline. I’m picky about My heels!  :-D lol


My dirtylittlepervert sent Me this over the weekend:

100-RN-Dec-6thI purchased the petit fours, perfume AND a step workout dvd and loose leaf tea that was also on My wishlist. perv has been on a $poiling frenzy lately and I love it!

On Friday I received the faux fur blanket and on Saturday, the 5 piece fireplace set arrived:

fireplace-set-and-fur-throwGloveJim got Me a $100 giftcard to Sephora, which was all spent yesterday. I had a $20.00 off coupon, so of course I had to use it, even though I was just there recently!  lol

100-Sephora-Dec-JimI have this corset that I want to wear for a video shoot and I have everything all planned out to wear with it but…’s going to have to wait until I can get My boyfriend to lace Me in it. :-? I like My corsets nice and tight! If I feel like I’m about to pass out, then I know it’s good!  haha

Time for My morning workout!

Flashback 2004: Corset Lacing

When I first started My paysite, back in Dec 2003, I only shot photos, no videos. But I was repeatedly getting requests for VIDEOS. So in 2004 I finally attempted to shoot some. They were short (around 30 seconds or so) and all in QuickTime movie format, which was, disastrous!  lol  There was a problem with codecs and not all of My members could view them and it just turned out to be a big hassle. I shot about 7 of these short clips and removed them once I started shooting decent videos, in 2005.

So for Flashback Friday, here’s an animated gif from My Corset Lacing video from Sept 2004!!

Corset-Lacinghaha  I had been wearing the corset for like an hour, for a photo shoot I just finished and you can probably read My lips…. “‘Oooooo, that feels so good!”

I still have the corset, as you can see in My Corset Vixen clip:

61-Heels-Corset-and-Gloves(It’s so strange to look back at My old videos and see Myself with darker hair!)

This morning I woke up to this in My inbox:

150.00-Dec-5th-pervHAHA I LOVE waking up to $$$$!  :-)  good job dirtylittleperv!