So much so….

Did you ever watch Six Feet Under on HBO?  Yeah, I know, it’s an old show (and that’s about the last time I watched TV…years ago!  lol).  I watched the whole series when it was on and I still remember this profound scene:

YouTube Preview Image

Perhaps that seems a little heavy, but it’s been kind of a weird (sad) week.

Finally back up!

My hosting company had a network outage going on from Friday evening until about an hour ago. So My site was down and I couldn’t access My emails either. All is working again though.


Holy shit!  Are you fucking kidding Me 2016???  First David Bowie and now PRINCE???

My mom actually just called Me to break the news. I thought she was joking. I just sat down to eat lunch and I hadn’t made it over to Dlisted yet, which sure enough, it’s at the top of the page right now. I am major bummed the fuck OUT right now.  🙁

When I was younger, I was a big Prince fan, loved his music. But as I got older and he got more into his Jehovah Witness stuff, I kind of lost interest. But I still love his classic stuff (even named one of My clips after one of My favorite Prince songs) and I have a lot of music from other artists he helped/worked with. Wendy & Lisa, Jill Jones, Madhouse, Vanity 6, Vanity, Apollonia 6, Apollonia, The Time and various others. He was incredibly talented and why the FUCK is 2016 taking the good ones??!!!

So I have a little Prince story….TRUE story. This happened in maybe the late 90’s, early 2000’s. Can’t remember. But, I was at Cheapo records in Uptown Minneapolis. I had My little list of hard to find cd’s that I was looking for and funnily enough, they were mostly some of the artists I mentioned above. Yeah, I had them on cassette (I’m old—I know!  lol), but I wanted the cd versions.  I was browsing in the R&B section, didn’t find anything, so I looked up to turn around and I couldn’t believe My eyes!!  About 15 feet from Me was fucking PRINCE!!!!!!!!  He had his head down, looking though cd’s (also in the R&B section). There was a younger woman with him who was wearing a white T-shirt and denim shorts. She was dressed so casually next to him. He was wearing a long sleeve tunic top and matching flowing pants. On his feet were platform boots and he was so TINY.

Seriously, I thought I was gonna die!!  LOL  I looked around the store and no one was bugging him or anything, so I knew I had to be cool.  haha  (I would have been anyway.)  I went over to the person I was there with and I told him  “OMG-That is PRINCE over there!!”. He was not a Prince fan, lol, and he didn’t believe Me. I went over to a Cheapo employee and said “That’s Prince over there, isn’t it?” And he confirmed it. I kept My distance and trying not to be obvious watching him. Shortly after he bought something and left. I also bought something and asked the cashier “That WAS Prince, right?” Yup. And that’s the closest I ever got to the Purple One. *sigh*

Holy fuck this makes Me SAD!  🙁

RIP-PrinceUpdate:  These Prince gifs are giving Me LIFE though!  🙂   We are talking about a man who had songs like Erotic City, Scarlett Pussy, Sexy MotherFucker, Cream, Come, Jack U Off, Gett Off, Soft & Wet, etc, etc. He oozed SEX and I loved him for it!  lol

Awwww….a RAINBOW appeared over Paisley Park today after the news of his passing.


Findom-no1Wasn’t all T‘s doing though…. an order from someone from NC just put Me over to #1. Good job boys!  It really doesn’t matter if I’m #1 in that category or not though, because you LOVE handing over your money to ME anyway.  😉    It was just fun for Me to watch you do it!  I’ve got another blog post coming up later this evening.


My boyfriend came home from work early and he was able to gently get the contact lens out with a cotton swab. YAY!!  SUCH a relief!

I found a Lasik clinic that had a bunch of good reviews and I called to make an appointment, but….. I have a Toric lens in one eye and it has to be removed for 2 FULL WEEKS prior to the consultation.  🙁  The problem is that I don’t own a pair of glasses, haven’t worn them in years!  But I REALLY want to get this done! So….I’ll probably be calling My eye doctor back to (update: I did!) make another appointment to get a prescription for glasses and then invest in a cheap pair for 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that I *do* end up being a good candidate for Lasik. Would kind of suck to go though all of this hassle for nothing.

SOOOO annoyed right now!!

This is the THIRD time this has happened in the last year or year and a half and it has NEVER happened before that.

Once again, I’ve lost My contact lens in My eye.  🙁  The first time it happened it was at night and I was taking them out to clean them. I could NOT get one of them out. It went back into My eyelid (sounds gross, I know). I ended up just going to bed like that and it worked itself out by the morning. The second time was the same thing, only I had to go to the eye doctor to get it out. And today it floated back under My eyelid after I put them in in the morning. GRRRRR!!!!  So yes, I have an appt this afternoon to go see My eye doctor to get it out. (Unless it magically works itself out before then). And I have tried *everything*. Eye drops, lifting up the eyelid to look for it, massaging the lid—everything! And that little fucker does not want to come out!!  lol  🙁

I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 15 and I’ve never had this problem, EVER, until a year and a half ago. Getting lasik eye surgery has been on My to do list for a while but two things have put Me off…..the idea of a laser going across My eye just squicks me out and I know I have to spend a bunch of time doing research beforehand. Of which I find rather boring and thus it gets put to the bottom of the list. I know I can get over My fear of the procedure if I just had a consultation and did My research. Hmmm….

Anyway, I just needed to RANT as this is very fucking annoying!

your obedience always pleases Me….

My dirtylittleperv was a good boy and sent this Sunday evening:

100-ebay-perv-Apr-17to pay for some beautiful vintage lingerie I just *had* to have!

And T was a good boy and bought the clips and not only sent one tribute, but two!

100-T-APr-17th100-T-Apr-18thAnd the professor spent $115.24 on a couple of girdles I wanted. And the funny thing is…..I don’t even really like girdles!  lol  But, I want a few more colors to go with My vintage stockings because they are way to short in the length to wear with My garter belts.

Good job boys!  🙂

And speaking of vintage stockings, here is the pair I wore in My recent Stocking Soles and Calves clip:

Vintage-flocked-heel-design-stockingsThey didn’t come in any packaging or have an imprint on the welt, so I don’t know anything about them. I do know that black flocking designs on the back of stockings were one of the more common styles when it comes to the fancy foot styles. Stunning Stockings is another clip of Mine where I’m wearing a very ornate pair with a black flocked design on the back. Fancy Vintage Stockings is another example plus little jewels.