Servitude #66

New:  Servitude #66

Obsession…..addiction….rewarding stimuli….submission….control….seduction……..

PS….The public side of My blog looks so bare since My last update. Meanwhile there have been 24 private posts since then….pictures, tributes, gifts and a sexy clip for MY loyal boys. I’m still here, even though I’m not posting clips much. Remember the first thing I said in Servitude #65? Yeah.

Fishnet Fantasy

New:   Fishnet Fantasy

In addition to layers of lingerie, I’m also wearing layers of hosiery (fishnets over pantyhose) AND….I’m wearing two pairs of panties as well. Underneath everything I have on a pair of sheer baby pink string bikini panties and then a pair of shiny pantyhose over the that. Over the pantyhose I have on a pair of (faux) gartered fishnet stockings with a pair of black lace panties worn over. For a short time I have a sheer pink half slip and sheer pink marabou on and when I remove it, I put on a pair of long fishnet gloves to compliment the stockings. This video is absolutely sexy and you will love it!


Have you been following this story? About the 13 siblings held captive by their parents.

How can……. by their own parents….. over years…. and I should be desensitized by this by now, considering awful news stories come out daily. But there is just something about this that’s next level fucked up.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap My head around how someone could hurt a child, much less their OWN.

I hope that all of the children are somehow able to move forward and find happiness, joy and people who LOVE them. But they have a long hard road ahead of them.

What the fuck is WRONG with some people?!

White Lace Lingerie

New:  White Lace Lingerie

I’m dressed in layers of lace lingerie and full fashioned stockings in this clip. There’s something I want to show you about one of the pieces of vintage lingerie I’m wearing. But you’ll have to watch to see. As usual, priced higher for a reason….  😉