Tack Heel Trample

In My Clips store…. Tack Heel Trample

144-Tack-Heel-TrampleAnother trample video from 2006 (so, as I’ve said before, the quality is not as good as My current videos). This time trampleguy gets trampled with TACK HEELS. That’s right! My high heels have little sharp tacks sticking out of the soles. Can you believe it?? How CRAZY is that?! I don’t just stand on him, I JUMP on him and DIG My heels into him. Hey, what can I say…..I LOVE MY SADISTIC SIDE!! :-) Great video for those who like the more extreme types of trampling!

Losing it for My Legs

Open up that wallet!

Losing it for My Legs

182-Losing-it-for-My-LegsI am quite clear about the fact that the only thing I am interested in is your MONEY. And the only reason I take even a remote interest in your kinks and fetishes, is so I can exploit them for My own personal gain. How much is enough? It’s NEVER enough. I will continue to milk you until you are dry and your wallet is empty. So you tribute $100. That’s nothing. $200. That’s a little better, but I know you have more. And I will use your weakness for My nylon clad legs to get what I want from you. I’ll never stop tormenting you. I’ll push you to the edge, make you suffer for My pleasure. I want it ALL.

Mistress in High Heels

Mistress in High Heels

178-Mistress-in-High-HeelsI’ve always said, one of the sexiest things a woman can wear is a pair of high heels. They make the foot look smaller, legs and ass look great, increase height and give a very sexy, hip-swaying walk. I have some ‘extreme’ high heels that have 6 inch heels on them and I show you some of them in this clip. I change out of My expensive designer heels into a RED pair of closed toe pumps and then into a blue pair of high heeled sandals. I tell where you belong, what you should be doing, and what I’ll do to you if you don’t. CORSET–HIGH HEELS–SATIN GLOVES–STOCKINGS–WALKING IN HEELS–6 INCH HIGH HEELS

My Nice Round Ass

NEW in My Clips store today:  My Nice Round Ass

215-My-Nice-Round-AssIt’s been too long since I’ve shot an ass tease clip. I recently bought some new panties and this pair looked SO good on My ass that I just had to show them off. They just frame My nice round ass cheeks so nicely. I love shaking My sexy ass in your face, knowing you’re sitting there jerking off to what you can never have. My boyfriend, who is an ‘ass man’ shot the last bit of this video where I’m on the bed, wiggling My ass. Guess what happened AFTER the video…. ;-)

You Love Me in Pantyhose

In My clips store…..  You Love Me in Pantyhose

32-You-Love-Me-in-PantyhoseSince my pantyhose clips have been selling like hotcakes, it was time for another pantyhose tease. This time I’m wearing Wolford Fatal 15 pantyhose with a pair of black lace panties underneath. With my pantyhose I’m wearing a little black crop top without a bra. This is one sexy clip! 1280×720

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Glamour Gloves

Feeding your addiction….  Glamour Gloves

31-Glamour-GlovesSince my Gold Satin Gloves clip sold so well, I thought I’d give you another satin glove clip. I do love My long satin gloves–they are the epitome of glamour! Like My last clip, I start out with bare arms and put the gloves on while you watch Me pull the tight satin material up My arm and smooth out the wrinkles. Next I added a white (faux) fur stole and a jeweled necklace to up the glam factor! I stroke My gloves while talking to you and towards the end of the clip, I peel them off! 1280×720

Top clips!

I always love to see My video clips rise to the top in the various categories I list them in…

Both My Cocktease and Cum and Pink Satin Lingerie clips made it to number one in their respective categories:

cocktease-no1pinksatin-no1My Neon Green Satin Gloves video is at number two currently, but I bet it can go higher ;-)

neongreen-no2And My Stocking Leg Worship has been hanging around at number two for a little while in the Garters and Stockings category…


Pantyhose and Knee Boots

In My clips store…. Pantyhose and Knee Boots

77-Pantyhose-and-Knee-BootsDamn I love these knee boots! This is My ‘hit woman’ outfit. Better watch out wankers–I’m coming to get your ass!! haha I open up my PVC trenchcoat to reveal a short, tight mini-dress underneath and black pantyhose. I take off my boots, tease you with my pantyhose legs and then DESTROY My pantyhose by ripping them to shreds. you are NEXT! 1280×720