I want to be the First

New clip:  I want to be the First

your first time is a big deal. It will either blow your mind or leave you disappointed. And I think there is something so hot about being the FIRST one to pop a man’s strap-on cherry. Knowing that you haven’t had that experience with any one else and I’ll be the one to take that from you. And I’ve got an incredible idea to make that first time an even MORE memorable experience……..

Endure for Me

I am a sadist at heart:   Endure for Me

Time for Me to have some fun, at the expense of your cock and balls. Do you think you can handle this CBT session? you will be using some fairly common household items, which I will tell you in the video. The only other things you need are a hard cock and a desire to endure pain for My pleasure……. If you can do everything I tell you, I’ll allow you to cum at the end. That’s if you’ll be able to…….

I ❤ masochists.

Those who showed their adoration…

Some of you made Me very happy this past Valentine’s Day!  😊

My dirtylittleperv sent Me $100 giftrocket on Sunday:

On Monday, a $100 giftrocket arrived from philip, which I found rather amusing because…

Monday afternoon I was shooting My Say it with Money clip. Philip was ahead of the game!  😉  (Email coming when I get time…..)

AND I am disappointed in you if you have not yet purchased that clip! 😡

A $100 Amazon card arrived from perv (aka My dirtylittleperv) on Valentine’s Day:

A $101 giftrocket came from the rabbi on Tuesday:

And a $50 tribute from Richard in Canada:

and also a $50 Amazon giftcard:

(Richard, an email is coming to you as well, when I get a chance).

Good job boys!!!  THIS is how it’s done!  😊

I wanted to do more blog posts this evening but I am SOOOOOOO tired and kind of have been all day. It’s getting to the point where I feel a headache coming on, so I know it’s time to hit the hay.

Tomorrow: another new clip, another blog post or two and perhaps get to the emails. Nite! 😴

High Heeled Mistress

New clip:  High Heeled Mistress

My first pair of custom-made 6 inch high heeled shoes!! These were a recent gift from one of My devoted boys and I absolutely LOVE them. The majority of this video is Me walking in these heels, mostly full views, but also some low angles and close ups. And the rest of the clip is Me showing off the heels from all different angles. I’m wearing a gorgeous pair of Full Fashioned stockings on My legs as I think stockings and heels just go together. And the shiny blue satin babydoll I’m wearing matches the blue glitter heels perfectly.

**These heels were a gift from My dirtylittlepervert! LOVE them!! 😍

More is coming….

New clips, blog posts, good boy mentions, emails…..

Shot some new clips today and now I’ve got some clip editing to do. YAY!  🙄

I’ve got about 3-4 blog posts, but they will have to wait until after the new clip is posted.


Say it with Money

Say it with love
Say it with flowers
Say it with MONEY

What is Valentine’s Day but a holiday devoted to men spending money on women? Flowers, chocolates, jewelry….MONEY….all spent to show love and adoration. Really no different than any other day in My world. If you want Me to hear you, you speak in the form of financial adoration……after all, actions speak louder than words.