August 2016 Masturbation Schedule

New month, new schedule:  August 2016 Masturbation Schedule

468-August-2016-Masturbation-ScheduleDo you remember that comment I made in My June 2016 Masturbation Schedule about what I thought was a hot idea? If you bought the clip, you know. Well that is what gave Me the idea for this month schedule. I’m changing things up this time around and you’ll think I’m being really generous, but am I?  Yes and no. I don’t make you suffer as much but I make you work for those orgasms this month. And if you don’t, you’ll bring the suffering on yourself.

This clip made it to #1 in the Orgasm Control category:


One more…

Finally dusted off all of these shelves…

high-heels-on-displayAnd there are definitely a few pairs I am going to get rid of (like all the of 6 inch heels with NO platforms….ugh!), but it’s not a top priority at the moment.

So far…

These heels have to go….

these-heels-have-to-go…and that’s just from cleaning My upstairs shoe closet. Once I clean off and go through THESE shoe shelves, there will be a few more I’m sure.

I’ll wear them all one more time in clips or maybe I’ll do a clip like High Heels and Calves, where I wore a bunch of other pairs I got rid of. Don’t know yet…

Stockings and heels…

I finally went through My stockings collection and labeled them all:

Secrets-in-Lace-stockings-collectionWell not all of them, these are only My pairs from Secrets in Lace and the ones I wear the most. Do you know that there are several hundred dollars worth of stockings in that photo? The Diamond heel stockings alone were $89.00 (x 2 pairs) and the other pairs, on average are $30.00 and up. The Diamond Heel stockings were from the professor and both My dirtylittleperv and the professor bought various pairs. (perv, the Espresso ones you got Me are right in front and SIL sent the replacement pair….I just need to head to the PO to get them)

The Cervin ones from the professor will end up in that box after I wear them with the gorgeous Casadei heels he just got Me (and if you watched My Servitude #6 clip…you saw Me show them off). These ones:

CasadeiI haven’t taken photos of these or the beautiful new pair perv got Me yet, but eh…I’ll do it when I get around to it. From now on, gifts I receive will be revealed in My servitude clips first and then I’ll post pics on My blog whenever. Anytime something is free, it gets shifted to the bottom of the priority list.

So back to the stockings….. I finally sat down and went through My collection and compared it to everything on the Secrets in Lace website and I made up a list of stocking styles I want. There are close to 20 pairs on the list!  $$$$   But I won’t be buying them…..  😉   Probably perv will as I have My eye on a lavish gift the professor will be getting Me sometime in the future.

BUT I have so much that I want to get through now….lingerie, stockings, heels to wear etc.

Speaking of heels…..I am going through more of My collection and I am finding more pairs that need to go. I’ve got a big pile already. I only want high heels that I love in My collection.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ve got to get back to working on the August 2016 Masturbation Schedule. Changing things up next month!  😉

Servitude #6

It’s here:  Servitude #6467-Servitude-6I start by showing off a couple of gifts I received recently (sexy high heels!) and then I get into the topic for this clip: Fetishes and of course, servitude.

Currently at #2:

S6-no2Made it to #1 in Femdom POV:


Problem with Cum on Command video file….

For those of you who bought this clip, I was made aware that there was a minor glitch from the 35-45 second mark in the clip. The original file did not have this problem (I always watch all of My clips through after I edit them just in case there are problems).

Last night when I was trying to upload the clip to the Clips4Sale servers, the file transfer ‘froze’ early on and basically stopped. So I had to try and upload it again, and the second time it worked. But I wonder if that problem somehow affected the file.

I am re-uploading the file and I have to remove the current listing for that clip and then repost it. If you bought this clip, you should be receiving a email from C4S with a download link to download the new file (same clip, just the glitch free version).

I’ll post an update here after this is done.

UPDATE:  Just updated with the new file. I also updated the link (on this blog post) to direct to the new version.

Cum on Command

Can you do this?   Cum on Command

466-Cum-on-CommandAs apart of your ongoing cock training, there are always things I’m going to expect you to try. And cumming when I command is one of them. I’m going to build you up to it so you’ll be ready to explode but you have to control your cock and not cum until I say. Can you do that? Let’s find out……

This clip made it to #1 in the Cum Countdown category: