Money, gifts, what else….

$200 from My dirtylittleperv last week:

200-perv-Apr-9$350 from the professor today:

350-prof-Apr-12Plus the petit fours came today (also from the professor):

petit-fours-April-profAnd $150 Amazon giftcard from someone arrived in My inbox this morning as well:

150-Amazon-Apr125:55 AGAIN!!!  I’m telling you, 2016 keeps giving Me 555!! I repeatedly keep seeing this number pop up.  I actually Google’d numerology and the number 5 and it’s rather interesting.

Okay, with that out of the way, I want to mention something else…..

Way #127 to get on MY shitlist for good:  Tell ME that you bought Me a bunch of gifts that you never did. We both know you never bought them but *I* never forgot. And I don’t forgive either. Because LYING to ME is an UNFORGIVABLE sin in MY book. And the thing is, you were someone who had always kept their word, up until that point.

Fool Me once, shame on you. Because there will be no fooling Me twice. you fucked UP. And no $150 Amazon or otherwise is going to get you back into MY good graces.

The thing is, I don’t give a shit about the gifts, it’s the principle of it. If you say you’ve done something, and you have a good track record, I give you the benefit of the doubt. The longer you keep your word, the more I trust you. you break that trust just ONCE and you never get it back with Me. Then you’ve shown Me that you’re SHIT and it was a mistake to ever trust you. It’s inexcusable.

Life is full of lessons…..

On another note, this is from My Nylon Calves and Feet clip. My expression is rather fitting for this post.


Nude Lingerie

Add this to your collection:  Nude Lingerie

423-Nude-LingerieWearing vintage lingerie and My new Louboutin nude heels, I show off My lingerie in My usual enticing way. My camisole clings to My full breasts, which I love to jiggle and flaunt in your face. I open My legs and let you peek at My lace panty covered pussy, which you’ll never have. Just image how incredible the silky nylon of My slip would feel rubbing up against your cock. you can dream, right?  lol  We both know how much you love seeing Me in all My beautiful lingerie. So click, buy and do what it is you always do when you watch Me….

This clip made it to #2 in the Lingerie category:

NL-no2Which is unusual because My lingerie clips pretty much always make it to #1, with the exception of those I price a bit higher. But even those are in the top 4! That’s okay, I’m still (and always will be) the Lingerie QUEEN!  😉

Nevermind, it made it to #1:


Vintage Lacette Heel stockings

These are the stockings I wore in My Nylon Calves and Feet clip:

Lacette-heel-stockings-1These are probably 50-60+ years old and hard to find. And if you do find a pair, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for them. I just like showing off these rare vintage styles that you’ll probably never see otherwise.

Lacette-heel-stockings-2(Yeah, I have to splash My URL over pretty much every photo I take because people like to steal photos and post them on tumblr, pinterest, blogs and various other places. :-(  )

Anyhoo…..these didn’t come in any packaging, but they were unworn. No brand name on the welt imprint, just ‘Lacette Heel’ for the name of the design.

Lacette-heel-stockings-3Search My blog for vintage stockings to find more posts/clips of Me wearing them. Back when I had My lingerie site, I had galleries and quite a few clips devoted to some of My unique styles of vintage stockings. I’m sure one day I’ll share some of the photos on My blog. BUT…..seeing as I don’t make money off of blog posts, it’s a LOW priority for Me.

Also check out My Zebra Heel stockings post.

A few of My vintage stocking clips: Fancy Vintage Stockings  –  Vintage Seamed Stockings  –  Lingerie Mistress  –  Jewel Seam Stockings  –  Stunning Stockings

Nylon Calves and Feet

Buy it:  Nylon Calves and Feet

422-Nylon-Calves-and-FeetTime for another calf worship session. My curvy calves are adorned with a beautiful pair of fancy foot vintage stockings. So much in one clip….legs, stockings, heels, calves, nylon soles, feet, girdle, leg crossing, shoe removal, toe pointing and long satin gloves. Admire My strong and sexy calves as I show them off from different angles.

Also, I have a blog post coming up about these vintage stockings.

Less than 24 hours and this clip made it to #1 in the Calves category:

NCandF-no1My Crossed Legs and Calves clip is #2 (which has also made it to #1).

you guys seriously are Crazy for Calves!  Well, crazy for MY calves!  😉

And this too…

Morning Money….love it!  :-)

This arrived from My dirtylittlepervert:

100-dlp-Apr-6thAnd I got a email from GiftRocket about custom URL’s, so I set this up:

I guess it’s suppose to streamline the checkout process for those who send Me giftrocket cards.

And a $40 Harry & David giftcard arrived via snailmail from the professor today. Finally!  lol

THIS, cracks Me up…

Findom-cat-4I haven’t posted to the Financial Domination category in over a month and yet a few clip bingers got Me up to #4. I honestly lost interest in shooting Findom clips. It has no bearing on those who DO actually serve Me. Read My blog—I am spoiled ALL THE TIME!  😀

Let me tell you a secret…….My BEST and most loyal boys did NOT have a findom fetish when they came to Me. They have something MUCH better. They aren’t little ‘piggies’ or ‘humanATM’s’ or any of that other stupid fucking lingo used in the Findom world.

I could say so much more, but I’ll save it for video clips.


…getting around to this post.

Received $150 gift rocket from the professor last week:

150-prof-Mar-31st$150 Amazon giftcard came from a new guy who’s been buying up My Findom clips:

150-April-newguyThen $150 Amazon giftcard from the professor yesterday:

Apr-4th-Amazon-profAnd the new guy made his first tribute:

first-trib-newguy-Apr5$200 tribute, My commission $150  :-(  I need to look for other tribute options. Apparently giftrocket doesn’t work for guys in the UK…..

Other than that, well done boys!

Tarte cosmetics customer service SUCKS!

Last Friday I ordered My dirtylittlepervert to get Me a $50.00 gift card to I got a email about a sale they were having and was going to get a few things. Like the good boy he is, he got the giftcard ASAP earlier in the day. I should have received it on Friday, but didn’t. I called their customer service number during their business hours (keeping in mind the time difference) and got no answer. It went right to voicemail. So I emailed them. No reply. Emailed them again on Monday and called again and this time their voicemail was full. WTF? It’s Tuesday, almost Wednesday and STILL no giftcard or reply. Um, fuck YOU Tarte ‘customer service’.

It’s strange….I’ve ordered from their website twice in the past and had no problems. BUT, I’ve never had someone get Me a giftcard from there before. Lesson learned.

Actually had a problem with another giftcard that the professor got from Me recently from somewhere else. Some places just shouldn’t offer gift card options if they can’t handle it and/or have shit customer service.

But the thing is…..I love Tarte cosmetics.  :-(  lol  So I’ll just going to stick with Sephora from now on as they sell all the Tarte stuff.

UPDATE: I never got a reply from Tarte or the giftcard. I ordered perv to call his CC company and dispute the charge, which he did. No way is he paying for something *I* didn’t receive.

Satin Tease and Denial

New satin clip:   Satin Tease and Denial

421-Satin-Tease-and-DenialI know how you are so used to instant gratification, jerking off and cumming all the time. So today, you are going to endure a little denial for Me. I encourage you to stroke as I talk about orgasm denial and the benefits of it. I always enjoy making males suffer for Me, in some manner. Dressed in beautiful satin lingerie, gloves and shiny pantyhose, it’s not like you are going to say no to Me. Quite the opposite, in fact. you’ll look forward to a little delayed gratification after you listen to what I have to say…….

PS–Honorable mentions in this clip, for those who purchased the items I’m wearing.

PPS–Another blog update coming tomorrow (Tuesday).

Less than 24 hours later and it went to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:

STandD-no1Also My clips and all of these clips made it to #1 before as well:  Satin Submission  –  Satin Secrets  –  Under My Satin Spell

In fact, every single satin clip that I’ve posted on Clips4Sale has made it to #1 (in the Silk & Satin category). you love ME in satin and partially that’s because I really enjoy shooting satin clips. It’s kind of like sex. I’m sure you’ve had sex with someone who wasn’t that into it before. It’s a totally different experience with someone who REALLY enjoys it. Same thing with fetish clips. I only shoot stuff that I really enjoy doing. And it shows.  😉

True Submission

New clip:   True Submission

420-True-SubmissionLosing yourself to Me is an intoxicating experience. Giving in to Me, letting go. And sometimes giving up things for Me. A bit of suffering and sacrifice will always be apart of your servitude. I have ways of making you more and more focused on Me. you will do anything to get My attention, My approval, because you crave it, you need it. you crave ME. I’ll have you aching for Me in more ways than one. I may use My beauty and My body to control you at times, but it’s My words that have the most impact. And with them I will penetrate your mind so deeply in ways you didn’t even think were possible…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Sensual Domination category: