Leaving My Mark

New:   Leaving My Mark

you see My pretty polished nails and you dream about them dragging across your flesh or being wrapped around your cock perhaps. Well I have something else in mind…….I want to leave nice red marks all over your body, clawing you up, digging in My nails and leaving MY mark all over your flesh…….

Desire and Denial

New:   Desire and Denial

Filling you with desire, only to be left full and aching. My favorite time to tease you is on the days that you aren’t allowed an orgasm. But you love every second of it. From the moment I tell that I have nothing on underneath My robe but a garter belt, to each sensual glimpse of bare flesh, to the very end of the clip. My feminine, seductive charms have you at My mercy……. (Priced higher for a reason.)

April 2018 Masturbation Schedule

New:   April 2018 Masturbation Schedule

I’m actually feeling in a generous mood lately, which translates into more releases for you this month. But you know that My generosity always costs you, one way or another….. I go over some of My future goals for your orgasm control/denial training as well as the April schedule.

Aroused by Armpits

New:  Aroused by Armpits

you know what I find interesting about fetishes? The huge variety of things that one can find arousing. Not just the usual tits, ass and pussy but other things like….feet, satin clothing, leather, and…..armpits. In My signature sensual style I tease you with My smooth shaven armpits and talk about My intoxicating natural aroma. If you don’t have a thing for armpits, watch this clip…..I just might change your mind. And if you DO, I doubt you’ll be able to make it to the end of the clip without……you know….  😉