Bubblegum Pink Satin Nightie

New satin clip:  Bubblegum Pink Satin Nightie

342-Bubblegum-Pink-Satin-NightieA pink satin nightie, Wolford Satin Touch pantyhose, panties and a pair of long satin gloves. Just a simple sensual satin tease clip!

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:

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you have no idea how resourceful I am….

….or the secrets I could spill.

So, you can have your regular life as an attorney, or stand up comic or professor or rabbi or whatever it is you do. But I know the facade you put on for others. I know your dark secrets…. your sissy side, or craving to be forced to suck cock, eat your own cum, or be financially fucked over.

What would people think if they knew………

Month 4 – 6 Months of Tributes

Another month, another tribute clip:   Month 4 – 6 Months of Tributes

340-Month-4-6-Months-of-TributesI’m feeling less generous this month so you only get a measly 2 minutes and 39 seconds of My time. Considering tributes are something that should be given with nothing in return, you shouldn’t even be getting a video at all. I know My good and loyal boys will buy this regardless.

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you are NOT different from other guys!

“I’m not like those other guys”


Do you know how much I HATE getting emails from guys who think they are somehow special in some way and that MY rules don’t apply to them.   *DELETE*

“I’m not into Financial Domination”

And I’m not into doing a DAMN THING for you or any other ‘special snowflake’ (gag) that clutters up MY inbox. How DARE you even email ME asking ME to do something for you. you are NOT special or different from those other guys.


And for the ten millionth time–I DO NOT DO VIDEO REQUESTS!

The upside of all of this is it gives ME an excellent video idea, one that I have already been mulling around, but it obviously needs to be done.

Irresistible Bitch

you’ll need this:   Irresistible Bitch

339-Irresistible-Bitchyou love the way I walk, you love the way I talk, you know you can’t resist. ME. Dressed in luxurious hot pink satin, fully fashioned stockings and high heels, you never had a chance. I just love flaunting in your face something you can never have. And yet, like a loyal puppy, you come back again and again. you’re well aware of My selfish intentions and yet here you are.

How far will you go? -Part 6

What you’ve been patiently waiting for:  How far will you go? -Part 6

338-How-far-will-you-go-part-6I told you in part 5 that I’d have a surprise for you in part 6, and I do……

This clip made it to #1 in the Financial Domination category:

HFWYG6-no1So far, every part has made it to #1 in the Financial Domination category. Good job boys!!  Keep buying and SPENDING!!  😉  Part 7 is coming soon!