I don’t know what the deal is….

…or how long My site was down, but it seems My hosting company is having problems again.  *sigh*  Honestly, overall, they’ve been really decent and usually have awesome support. Hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing…..

Oh yeah, shot a new clip today as well. SOOOO many clip ideas for July and yes, many of them came to Me in the shower!  haha

Panties replaced Pussy

New panty clip:   Panties replaced Pussy

453-Panties-replaced-PussyCome here. I have something for you…. a pair of My recently worn panties. Put them up to your nose and inhale. Smell My sweet scent, because that is the closest you are ever coming to My pussy. Those panties are special, because I had sex with My boyfriend when I wore those. Which is no big deal really, as that’s a regular occurrence for Me. But not for you panty boy. Do you even remember the last time your cock was inside of a pussy?  I doubt it. your fetish for panties has replaced pussy in your life. In fact, panties ARE pussy for you now. Buy, watch, stroke and listen as I tell you exactly why that is……

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Well done!

The BET Prince tribute delivered!  YES!  😀

Nice song choices! “Dorthy Parker” is one of his lesser known ones so, a surprising choice. But I’m glad they didn’t go with the obvious choices and the artists that covered them did a great job.

I have no idea who Janelle Monae is, but I loved her performance.

However Shelia E……took the cake! “Housequake”, “U got the Look”, “Erotic City”, “America”, “Love Bizarre”, “Let’s Work” and many others—–fuck YES!!! So happy! This was the tribute he deserved.

And….I think that was Mayte (one of Prince’s ex-wives) dancing on stage with Sheila E!

I like to think he would have been pleased….

prince-tribute-BETAnd just because….Prince and Sheila E from 1987…. “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night”

YouTube Preview Image

FF Nylon Soles

New clip added to My store:  FF Nylon Soles

451-FF-Nylon-SolesI know how much you love My nylon covered soles. Did you think I didn’t notice how you were buying up all of My clips with My stocking covered soles on display? Oh I noticed, I notice everything. But you’re not the only one. So I thought it was about time I do a clip focused on them. Well, mostly……but as you can tell from the preview, there is a bit of panty ass, leg and heels thrown in for good measure.


Shot some new clips today and a few sexy selfies as well. My site might be offline this evening, not sure yet. My hosting company is moving the servers tonight (and by moving I mean physically, to a new location) and so that might affect My blog. Speaking of which….I better back this sucker up right now, for good measure. (I usually back it up once a week anyway.)

PS—It’s beautiful today!! Blue sky, sunshine, and everything is so green. Living in a state that gets snow 4-6 months out of the year, I can’t tell you how much I adore days like today!  🙂

Body Heat movie

….from 1981 with Kathleen Turner. Ever see it?  Matty Walker (Kathleen) seduces a man (Ned Racine, played by William Hurt) into killing her husband.

The last scene where Ned is sitting in prison, realizing his instincts were right….

YouTube Preview Image

From another scene….(around the 1:39 mark)

Matty: [to Ned] You aren’t too smart, are you? I like that in a man.

Ned: What else do you like? Lazy? Ugly? Horny? I got ’em all.

Matty: You don’t look lazy.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty Poison

My first Home Wrecker clip:  Pretty Poison

450-Pretty-PoisonI’ve ruined you. I’ve embedded in you such a strong desire for Me that nothing else fulfills you. But there’s only one small problem with that…..you’re a married man. you took a vow to be someone’s faithful husband. And yet here you are, with your cock out, watching Me, stroking to Me……that doesn’t strike Me as very faithful at all. Does wifey know you are here? Lusting after someone else? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I know, you thought you could just jerk off to Me every now and then when she wasn’t ‘in the mood’. But I’m not going to be anyone’s side piece. you foolish man, you should have known better. One toxic taste and you were never going to be the same again…..

Currently at #2 in the Home Wrecker category:

PrettyPoison-no2This clip made it to #1 in the Home Wrecker category: