New (old?) clip posted:   Undressing

289-Undressing-blogA clip from the archives–2005 to be exact! Shot in Standard (640×480) definition. Just a short little clip of Me dancing and undressing. I started out in a green lace dress that you can see My full slip right through. I remove the dress, slip, shoes and one stocking. And then the song was over.  :-)

From time to time, I will be posting videos from My lingerie paysite to My clips store. Not all of them, but some of them. I enjoy seeing how My clips have evolved over the years. In 2005 I was *just* starting to shoot videos for My paysite, after getting a zillion requests for video. And over time, video became MY preferred format and I stopped shooting photo sets all together.

I love shooting videos. It’s a lot of fun for ME and it’s a creative outlet as well. I love coming up with new ideas or themes, putting together outfits, trying new camera angles, all of it.

UPDATE:  Made it to #1 in the Strip Tease category:


It’s what I like to see, but….

Topclip-girdleLC-topclip….you still have more shopping to do: http://clips4sale.com/store/67321


UPDATE: This too…

Exploiting-no1clipBut you know it’s never enough, so $PEND!

My dirtylittleperv paid for My hair appt yesterday and I shot a new clip today, which will be in My store Sunday morning. Will be posting a couple of archived clips from My lingerie site, to My clips store over the next few days. And then there will be even more NEW clips next week!

Exploiting your Leg Fetish

New clip posted:  Exploiting your Leg Fetish

288-Exploiting-your-Leg-FetishBeing the leg lover that you are, I know how turned on you get when you see a sexy pair of legs. And being the natural seductress I am, I know just how to stir up lust in a man. Seamed stockings and high heels make My shapely legs even more enticing. I know exactly what I’m doing and the effect it’s having. It’s such a thrill, knowing I hold such power over a man, just because I can.

Addicted Ass Worshipper

New ass clip posted:  Addicted Ass Worshipper

287-Addicted-Ass-WorshipperI think this might be My hottest ass worship video I’ve shot so far! I used a few different angles to best show off My nice little round ass. These silky panties fit My ass perfectly and reveal lots of cheek. As My little addicted ass worshipper, I know the things you dream of when you see My bouncy little butt. I tell you what a lucky ass slave might be allowed to do…..

Add all of My other sexy ASS clips to your collection here: http://www.clips4sale.com/67321/Cat142

New clips coming…..

Shot a couple of new clips today and was thinking I might have to start making silent movies if My voice doesn’t get better.

Took a few selfies because…..that’s what I do!

Tax-day-pic-1Tax-day-pic-2Love these panties! They were actually paid for with a VS gift card from one of My good boys….I think GloveJim.

This bra is new and from VS too….same giftcard…

Tax-day-pic-3BEWBS!  (My boyfriend is totally an ass man but he said I gave him a boob fetish! HA!)

Tax-day-pic-4A SEXY ass worship clip will be posted in My store tomorrow morning. you know what to do!!!  http://clips4sale.com/store/67321

Lose Control

New clip posted:   Lose Control

286-Lose-Controlyou’ve been watching Me for a long time. Buying My clips, worshiping My body, listening to My words and always coming back for more! you know you can never have Me, you know I’m unattainable to you. And that’s why you are here, you know your place…..beneath Me. you’re not like other men….you’re ‘different’. you crave something more…..to be dominated by a beautiful woman. you are tired of putting on the facade of being a strong man, when we both know you are anything but. It’s time for you to do what you were born to do……SERVE. It’s time for you, to lose control……

Pink Lace Panty Girdle

New clip posted:   Pink Lace Panty Girdle

285-Pink-Lace-Panty-GirdleI’m showing off My new Pink Lace long leg panty girdle that one of My good boys got for Me. I’m wearing it with a pair of My rare vintage stockings, high heels (of course!), a pink satin bustier and long satin gloves. So basically, a lingerie fetishist’s wet dream! Seamed stockings, heels, girdle and SATIN.

On the mend…..

Took these pics before I got sick and I love this first one:

Black-fishnet-bodystocking-4It’s been a long week and a half and I’m still not 100% back to pre-flu health. I think I got a sinus infection after the flu symptoms subsided as I’ve had awful facial pain, congestion and a bad cough. But I have an oh-so-sexy raspy voice now, thanks to all the coughing.  *sigh* Oh well, I’m generally a VERY healthy individual so I’ll have to continue to ride this out.

Black-fishnet-bodystocking-2(Hey perv, the fainting couch you got Me is in the background!) I should have a new clip posted in My store Sunday morning.

Black-fishnet-bodystocking-1Yeah, you are SO NOT worthy of any photos of ME whatsoever, so THANK Me for MY generosity. Or slap yourself in the face, repeatedly, for being a freeloader!!

Black-fishnet-bodystocking-3OOOOOOO!!!  I should also mention that My dirtylittlepervert paid for MY flight to Vegas!!  Yippeee!!  :-)  He is always pleasing Me! And what have *you* done for ME lately? Other than selfishly stare at MY photos and pull on that disgusting dick of yours?

Day 4 of the Flu…

So….I’m pretty fucking miserable right now. Somehow I picked up the Flu this past week. Monday evening I got a dry cough out of the blue and My boyfriend thought I might be getting sick. I was hoping that wasn’t the case and it was just some weird little thing that would go away (Ah, denial……). But that night, I couldn’t sleep…..tossing and turning, my whole body just HURT. Woke up Tuesday morning, yup, THE FLU!  :-(  The body aches were the worst the first couple of days, even My HAIR hurt!  Now I am congested and my throat is raw from coughing, my face feels like it’s burning up and I’m slowly giving up the will to live (kidding!!!). Food tastes horrible, not that I have much of an appetite anyway and I HATE laying around in bed, but of course, that’s what my body needs right now.

Just gotta ride this out…….

Virginia Maid vintage Flamingo stockings…

From My collection of rare and unique vintage stockings, is this pair from Virginia Maid:

Virginia-Maid-Vintage-stockings-1Brand new, unworn and probably a good 50+ years old!! (Hmmm… just like some of you!) The unique detail is a flamingo on the side of one of the stockings.

Virginia-Maid-Vintage-stockings-2Up-close of the card the stockings were wrapped around (I’m getting Mae-West vibes…):

Virginia-Maid-Vintage-stockings-3These stockings were worn in an upcoming video, “Pink Lace Panty Girdle”, which will be in My clips store April 1st.  Speaking of which…


Shot a new video today and it will be posted sometime this week. Sneak peeks tomorrow…..maybe. Selfies from today:

Mar-30th-1Mar-30th-2Oh yeah, My dirtylittleperv sent Me a $100 Amazon giftcard this weekend.