High Heels and Calves

New clip:  High Heels and Calves

444-High-Heels-and-CalvesI’m getting rid of a bunch of high heels I don’t want anymore and I thought I’d show them off one last time. On My legs are a pair of vintage RHT stockings and My garter straps, stocking tops and bare upper thighs are on display most of the clip. In this clip you’ll find….leg crossing, nylon legs rubbing together, shoe dangle, calf pumping/flexing, raspy stocking sound, nylon toes, shoe removal, stocking soles and of course…high heels!

This clip made it to #1 in the Calves category:



Working on My 444th video that I’ll be adding to My store this evening. After I get that done, I’ll do a blog post with a few photos of the vintage RHT stockings I wore in the clip.

The Good Stuff…

I got a pedicure today and My tootsies look lovely! No pic. But maybe I’ll give you a peek in an upcoming clip. *Maybe*

Stopped off at the post office afterwards and there were a couple of packages waiting for Me:

June-7th-boxesAnd when I got home, My June Birchbox was waiting for Me! (pink box)

Tea from My dirtylittlepervert and I am SOOO happy this arrived!  🙂

tea-from-pervOne of the flavors….

Raspberry-Beret-teaYES!  😀   I’ll be trying that one tomorrow.

The professor got Me a couple of items from Birchbox:

perfume-and-eyeshadowI LOVE this perfume! I got a sample of it in My May Birchbox and it’s so sweet and delicious and I had to have it. He messed up on the eyeshadow color, and promptly ordered the correct one, which I’ll probably have tomorrow.

Little notes like this always make Me smile!

Birchbox-note-from-professorAnd then…… Satin Mikey sent the Amazon giftcard for the panties. Yay Mikey!!

50-Amazon-SMAnd then this $250 gift rocket came and I have been trying to figure out who this was from (there was a email) and going through My sales, I figured it out! Hmm……. Yes, I remember you. I’ll reply soon.

250-gr-roThat’s it for now. Well done boys!  😉

UPDATE:  Just ordered the silk panties from Amazon and as I was scrolling through the reviews, some guy posted a picture of himself in the panties!  NOooooooo!!   HAHAHAHA  I’m not surprised, there are SO MANY of you panty boys out there. The arrival date is July 1st-20th. Damn! They must be coming from China.

Sensual Stimulation

New clip:   Sensual Stimulation

443-Sensual-StimulationI know you are used to one type of stimulation when you stroke….your bare hand on your cock. And there are so many other types of sensations that I want you to experience, but to do so, you must do it MY way.  So today, I’m going to paint a fantasy scenario in your mind and go into detail as to what I would do to you.

This clip made it to #1 in the Sensual Domination category:

sensual-s-no1Until you Ache is also one of My clips.