I had some short teaser clips here on My blog that I moved over to the private area. I think there was 7 or 8 of them and they were all from clips from back when I had My lingerie paysite. Not representative of the content I shoot now and besides I hate to give away anything free.


Although I do like shooting nylon soles clips and you know I love high heels, I don’t do a lot of bare feet clips. Some of the stuff I have done (in the past) I posted in the Trample clips post as that thread was just for trample clips and the stuff I shot years ago for that foot fetish site I never got around to doing. So below are some of My sexy feet clips that aren’t on that list.

But first, My current color:

Beautiful Bare Feet

Heels and Feet

Just Feet

Foot Freak 2

My Foot Slave

Lotioning up My Feet

Pretty Toes and Sexy Soles

Three minute toe Tease

Toe Pointing

When was the last time you saw a woman dressed like this?

From My Getting Dressed video:

FF nylons, slips, feminine dress, heels….all of it. Now, I don’t dress this way every day. But for weddings, afternoon tea, dinners out and other occasions, I DO get all dolled up similar to this. (Boyfriend can vouch for that). I’ve said before that I feel more comfortable in this stuff that jeans and a t-shirt. (Although I look sexy as hell in that as well!)

We’ve become such a dressed down society that looking like a slob is considered acceptable. Plus garters and stockings (and slips!) went out of fashion a long time ago, so you rarely see them anymore.

Except on ME, on a regular basis! 😉


I’ve got new clips to post but I’m saving them for May. The May 2017 Masturbation Schedule will not be made public. I’m giving it only to those who serve ME.

I realize things have been quiet here on the public side of My blog and that’s because I have been doing the majority of My posting in the private area. Pics, audios, tributes, gifts, etc…..