New clip:  Pantyhose

Pantyhose. One word that creates such a cock-stiffening response in you. you love everything about them. The look, the feel…..of them on your cock and balls, stroking with them, cumming in them and perhaps even smelling them. If you are a collector of MY pantyhose clips, you know what to expect….visual and verbal tease.

Consuming your Thoughts

New:  Consuming your Thoughts

Deep inside of you……filled with submissive lust….pale flesh, black satin… voice, my image…….your focus, your purpose….black nylon legs…….wrapped in My web…..sensual control……leaving My mark……permanently.

The highest this clip got was #2.

Chiffon Babydoll Set

New clip:  Chiffon Babydoll Set

I’ve been going through My vast collection of vintage lingerie and weeding out the things I no longer like. I’ve had this sheer babydoll and matching robe/bed jacket set forever and it’s just not My style anymore. So I figured I’d wear it one more time in a clip. Under the babydoll I’m wearing a vintage strapless bra, which comes off at some point and of course I’m wearing a garter belt, FF nylons and high heels as you know I love those items. My panties are sheer and ruffled and….well, you’ll have to watch the clip. I’m also wearing a piece of erotic jewelry that some of you have already seen in My Erotic Surprise clip. As with all of My higher priced erotic clips, some footage is not shown in the preview image. An intimate and sensual clip!

First day of Spring!

And it was a beautiful one! I kind of wanted to go for a walk today, but I had too many other things to do.

I received this from richard in Canada:

he sent it after he saw THIS post. 14 years…. $140…. nice richard!  😉

Normally I just delete/ignore emails without tributes attached, but I’m going to make an example out of this one. It was just a short email asking if I “needed a shoe bitch”. Need? *shakes head*

There is no ‘need’ for anything for ME. I have desires and DEMANDS, but no ‘need’. As for buying ME shoes, that privilege goes to those who have a history of sending Me tributes and giftcards and they buy Me what *I* want. I have found with shoe/heel/foot guys, they often want to buy styles that *they* like. And, in case you haven’t been paying attention, that’s not the way things work around here…..  🙄

Working on a new update for tonight and it is sizzling! Granted it will be one of My higher priced clips and so the animated preview image won’t show much. Good thing MY loyal boys get to cum tomorrow!  lol

Lilac Nylon Panties

Now in My clip store:  Lilac Nylon Panties

This is another clip from My old lingerie paysite, shot back in 2012. Some of My old panty clips are just so good that they need to see the light of day again. If you love the big full cut style panties, up skirt panty peeks (or in this case up-SLIP peeks), lots of panty crotch views, lacy slips, stockings and heels–then you are going to love this clip.

(This was Bonus Video #52)