Spellbound by Stockings

New nylon clip:    Spellbound by Stockings

I find it amusing that this thin, delitcate layer of nylon I wear on My legs, has you so under My spell. From the tips of My polished toenails (peeking out from My peep-toe heels), to My stocking soles, calves and thighs…..these legs of Mine have you captivated. Garter straps (10 to be exact) and stocking tops and panty peeks make your heart race. The way I stroke My legs, remove My heels and the things I say is enough to push you over the edge……

Day 6 of Chastity

Next in the series….   Day 6 of Chastity

I’ve been thinking about what happens after the 30 days are up and I unlock the lock and let you out of you chastity. Oh I know you’ll want to cum, after a long month of frustration, that’s a given. And I agree, you should have that fluid drained out of you……by MY hand. Listen while I explain exactly what I have in mind…..

The flip for the 20th…

Bad news boys……no cumming for you on the 20th! A few good boys complied with the instructions for the 18th, but that was in a private blog post. I’m posting this early because I am busy tomorrow and I don’t want to forget!

Really sucks for you because I am posting a really sensual masturbation instruction clip tonight. Oh well….. 😂

Later tonight…

I’ll actually be nice and post this preview pic publicly (pretty much everything these days is PRIVATE):

This masturbation instruction clip ran a little long at 17 minutes. But you, will love every minute of it! 😉

Pantyhose makes you Cum

Not like it’s a newsflash really 😜   Pantyhose makes you Cum

Check out these black opaque pantyhose I’m wearing today, they are like no pantyhose I’ve ever worn before. So thick and shiny. you’re going to appreciate every inch of them from the tips of My toes, all the way up to My waistband and every curve in between. And I know you’ll be stroking all the way. In fact, I’ll be encouraging you to because at the end, you’ll be making a mess of those pantyhose you are stroking with!

(The dress and the pantyhose were gifts from the professor.)

Orgasm Denial Training

you need it…….  Orgasm Denial Training

you need this kind of discipline in your life. I know it’s hard for some of you chronic masturbators to scale back on your stroking without the guidance from a strict Mistress. So I have a program for those of you who are new to orgasm denial…..and the pleasures it brings. I talk about your masturbation habits, what you’ll be doing and what the next step is after you have completed this training.

Already #1:

Every Inch of It

My first strap-on clip……. Every Inch of It

I utter 5 words that you probably never thought you’d hear ME say, to you. Of course it’s not how you think…… But strangely enough, when I show you the surprise I have for you, your cock stands at attention. Yeah, your mouth can lie but your cock ALWAYS tells the truth. I know your little secret and how you bad you want to take it up the ass. I’m just going to make you another notch in My bedpost….