Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

From the archives…..   Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

428-Dotted-Heel-nylonsA short, little glamourous stocking clip from 2007! On My legs are a pair of My rare fancy foot vintage stockings. With them I’m wearing a silky blue evening dress, long satin gloves and animal print mules. And underneath My dress, you get a glimpse of My open bottom girdle and the lace from My half slip makes an appearance too.

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Nylon Calves and Feet

Buy it:  Nylon Calves and Feet

422-Nylon-Calves-and-FeetTime for another calf worship session. My curvy calves are adorned with a beautiful pair of fancy foot vintage stockings. So much in one clip….legs, stockings, heels, calves, nylon soles, feet, girdle, leg crossing, shoe removal, toe pointing and long satin gloves. Admire My strong and sexy calves as I show them off from different angles.

Also, I have a blog post coming up about these vintage stockings.

Less than 24 hours and this clip made it to #1 in the Calves category:

NCandF-no1My Crossed Legs and Calves clip is #2 (which has also made it to #1).

you guys seriously are Crazy for Calves!  Well, crazy for MY calves!  😉

I love these gloves SO much!

Long-Black-Satin-Opera-glovesI want to call them My Evil Villainess gloves. I’ve got them in Gold and White as well. There are a couple more colors I want them in and when I find a place that sells them, I’ll have one of My good boys buy them.

Mistress-Jessica-in-black-pantyhose-glovesAlso wore the new Oroblu Magic 40 pantyhose that I mentioned at the bottom of THIS post. They were nice, but not spectacular. I think 40 denier is too much–too thick. I’m really not into pantyhose as much as I am stockings, so I need to try more brands to decide what I like. I love Aristoc Ultra Shine pantyhose and Wolfords, of course, are nice as well. But I’m sure there are other brands I’ll like once I try more.

Satin Secrets

New satin clip: Satin Secrets

412-Satin-SecretsTell Me….who knows about your satin fetish? Besides ME that is. Who knows how HARD your cock gets for this shiny, slippery material? Who knows how much you like to stoke with and SOAK satin nighties with your cum? Yeah, that’s what I thought…. But I, your Satin Mistress, know all about your satin secret and today, I’m gonna make you…..

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Dreamy Peach Half Slip

Another slip clip posted:  Dreamy Peach Half Slip

391-Dreamy-Peach-Half-SlipTwo new slip clips in less than a week! Aren’t you lucky!  Here is another one of My beautiful, silky vintage half slips. I wore it with a new pair of Aristoc Ultra Shine pantyhose, long satin gloves, satin heels, peach lace panties and a vintage bustier. Of course I display all of these lovely things in a way only I can.

This clip made it to #1 in the Slip Fetish category:

DPHS-no1See Through Pink Full Slip is also one of My clips.

Green Glamour Girdle

New girdle & stocking clip:  Green Glamour Girdle

376-Green-Glamour-GirdleIt’s not that the girdle is all that glamourous, but on ME, it is! Green satin gloves, a lace bustier, a long line panty girdle, high heels AND even My vintage Aristoc stockings have green heels and soles! If you love legs, stockings, girdles and ass….you’ll enjoy this clip. Towards the end I remove My gloves (even My fingernails are painted green!) and My high heels to show of My green stocking soles.

This clip made it to #1 in the Girdles category:

GGG-no1girdleMy Panty Girdle Ass clip is #3 (that one also made it to #1 before).

Tight Shiny Satin Blouse

Have a blouse fetish?   Tight Shiny Satin Blouse

359-Tight-Shiny-Satin-BlouseThis clip was shot in 2011 for My (now closed) lingerie paysite. This is such a sexy satin clip that I had to bring it out from the archives. With My shiny green satin blouse and gloves, I’m wearing a purple suede skirt, high heels and Full fashioned (seamed) stockings. Stocking leg lovers will also enjoy this clip as the first 2 minutes are focused more on My legs (full head to heels standing and then a closer view from the waist down). Then I sit down and cross My legs a few times while putting on My green satin gloves. you can see that the blouse is a little too tight and the buttons are straining a bit to not pop off! A very sexy blouse, glove, leg, satin tease clip! (There is no speaking in this clip–but you can really hear the raspy sound of My nylons when I walk around.)

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Bubblegum Pink Satin Nightie

New satin clip:  Bubblegum Pink Satin Nightie

342-Bubblegum-Pink-Satin-NightieA pink satin nightie, Wolford Satin Touch pantyhose, panties and a pair of long satin gloves. Just a simple sensual satin tease clip!

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:

BPSN-no1My other clips are also highlighted. BUY THEM ALL: Luxurious Satin MistressLavender Satin RobeIroning My Satin Lingerie

Satin Enchantment

My newest satin clip:  Satin Enchantment

234-Satin-EnchantmentI know how much you love satin and I know how much you love seeing ME in satin. And I enjoy tempting and teasing you in My satin outfits. Nothing makes you weaker than seeing a beautiful woman dressed in satin clothing. And I have so many satin outfits and lingerie and gloves to entice you with. This video is just another one of My glamourous, sensual satin clips where I talk to you about satin and tell you what you are going to do before My next satin video…… (More of My satin videos here: and here:

This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:


Intoxicating in Satin

NEW in My clips store today:  Intoxicating in Satin

223-Intoxicating-in-SatinI know the effect that seeing Me in satin has on you. I know how you anticipate every new satin video I make and you buy them right up. Just look at all of that shiny yellow satin and how I rub My satin glove hands all over My body. So inviting, you wish you could touch it. Seeing Me in SATIN is your drug. And you just keep coming back and back to get your little fix. I know the power I have over you in My satin clothing, you just can’t get enough! MORE SATIN VIDEOS to buy up: Red Hot GlamourSensual Satin Mistress,  Baby Blue Satin RobeLavender Satin RobeLeather and SatinSatin Gloved Princess and My Satin glove videos are HERE: