So much Satin

New:   So much Satin

Layers of pure satin heaven……..  In this clip I’m wearing: pantyhose, vintage FF nylons, blue satin panel open bottom girdle, satin panties, satin peep toe high heels, satin half slip, satin bustier, long satin gloves and a long satin robe over all of it. But it’s Never enough Satin, right?  😉

Satin Layers

New:   Satin Layers

I’ve been meaning to wear this elegant black satin robe for quite some time now. I recently got this hot pink satin nightgown and the two make a striking combination. you can never resist Me or all of My dazzling satin lingerie. The layers of satin look like liquid poured over My curves. The shine, the slippery feel……you’re already feeling the effect…..

Calves and Feet

Newest clip:   Calves and Feet

My first calf clip of 2017! I prefer to show off My calves in beautiful seamed stockings (like this vintage outline heel pair I wear in this clip) and sexy high heels. Although there are plenty of views of My shapely calves, I also focused a bit on My nylon clad soles. And of course I add My own glamourous touch with the long satin gloves and glittering necklace. Strength, beauty and My unmistakable style has you clicking that BUY button so fast. you know what MY clips do to you……

A ray of sunshine….

….is kind of what I look like in this light yellow lingerie. Preview pics!! you are SOOOO lucky!

mj-in-yellow-1I LOVE these long pointed gloves and I know I mentioned before I wanted to get them in more colors, but….I’ve only been able to find them in the 3 colors I already own.

mj-in-yellow-2(yeah, I have to splash My URL all over MY photos because assholes like to steal them and post them all over the place…..)

Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

From the archives…..   Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

428-Dotted-Heel-nylonsA short, little glamourous stocking clip from 2007! On My legs are a pair of My rare fancy foot vintage stockings. With them I’m wearing a silky blue evening dress, long satin gloves and animal print mules. And underneath My dress, you get a glimpse of My open bottom girdle and the lace from My half slip makes an appearance too.

This clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category:


Nylon Calves and Feet

Buy it:  Nylon Calves and Feet

422-Nylon-Calves-and-FeetTime for another calf worship session. My curvy calves are adorned with a beautiful pair of fancy foot vintage stockings. So much in one clip….legs, stockings, heels, calves, nylon soles, feet, girdle, leg crossing, shoe removal, toe pointing and long satin gloves. Admire My strong and sexy calves as I show them off from different angles.

Also, I have a blog post coming up about these vintage stockings.

Less than 24 hours and this clip made it to #1 in the Calves category:

NCandF-no1My Crossed Legs and Calves clip is #2 (which has also made it to #1).

you guys seriously are Crazy for Calves!  Well, crazy for MY calves!  😉

I love these gloves SO much!

Long-Black-Satin-Opera-glovesI want to call them My Evil Villainess gloves. I’ve got them in Gold and White as well. There are a couple more colors I want them in and when I find a place that sells them, I’ll have one of My good boys buy them.

Mistress-Jessica-in-black-pantyhose-glovesAlso wore the new Oroblu Magic 40 pantyhose that I mentioned at the bottom of THIS post. They were nice, but not spectacular. I think 40 denier is too much–too thick. I’m really not into pantyhose as much as I am stockings, so I need to try more brands to decide what I like. I love Aristoc Ultra Shine pantyhose and Wolfords, of course, are nice as well. But I’m sure there are other brands I’ll like once I try more.

Satin Secrets

New satin clip: Satin Secrets

412-Satin-SecretsTell Me….who knows about your satin fetish? Besides ME that is. Who knows how HARD your cock gets for this shiny, slippery material? Who knows how much you like to stoke with and SOAK satin nighties with your cum? Yeah, that’s what I thought…. But I, your Satin Mistress, know all about your satin secret and today, I’m gonna make you…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category: